• May 18, 2022
 Op-Ed: Thank you Nike.

Op-Ed: Thank you Nike.

Let’s take a moment to thank Nike. Thank them for taking part in the ongoing civics lesson began by the Black Lives Matter movement, continued by Colin Kaepernick as the San Francisco quarterback and then moved into the mainstream even more by their “Just Do It” promotion featuring Kaepernick and a host of other famous and not so famous athletes.

This entire thing has been a great lesson for our children on the power of nonviolent civil disobedience.

Believe in something.

It is a pretty long list of people that have used non violent civil disobedience over the years to make a point.

  • Sophocles’ heroine Antigone
  • Shifra and Puah (look them up)
  • The Jesus
  • Martin Luther
  • Thoreau
  • Percy Shelly
  • Susan B. Anthony
  • Ghandi
  • Martin Luther King Jr.

Nike, you are in good company. I can remember my sister’s class taking part in a “sit in” at Irvin High School in 1970 to protest the Vietnam War. Students walked out of class and just sat on the football field for two hours. Even though I was young, all these years later I remember the impact of students getting up and having a voice in a nonviolent way.

Recently, students did a similar protest at campuses across the nation to protest the complete failure of adults in power to do anything to control gun violence in schools.

Nike’s unintentional civics lesson fits in well with the Texas education standards for Social Studies, which is heavy on the rights of individuals, the Constitution and the duties of citizens to right wrongs.

In fact, the 8th grade Texas standards go out of their way to mention civil disobedience, exactly that which Nike is celebrating in their campaign.

The Texas standards celebrate and have students memorize the Boston Tea Party, where people fed up the oppression of their government, revolted, in a non-violent way, not unlike kneeling football players, Woolworth counter sitters or sitting in the white seat on the bus.

Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything.

This is a great time to be a Social Studies teacher. Students can see on one side, people protesting the obvious disparity between the treatment of whites and minorities by law enforcement in this country, and on the other side, people that think by protesting during the national anthem players are disparaging the country, the military, veterans, the Constitution, apple pie, baseball, and Chevrolet.

What a great lesson in critical thinking and point of view. A few years back, there was a lesson that had students look at the participants of the Boston Tea Party from the perspective of the participants and the British.

From the British side, they could have been seen as terrorists. From the American side they were seen as heroes and patriots. (That single lesson upset so many people in east Texas that the company that created it had to apologize, withdraw the lesson, and eventually reconstitute itself as a different company.)

Same today with football players taking a knee. For some, they see heroes. For other, they see villains. Either way, the players are willing to sacrifice everything to get their message out to the masses. Funny how those that spout their love for God, Country and the Constitution cannot connect the dots between what happened in Boston Harbor and what happened on the sidelines of Levi Field in San Francisco.

Lost in all of this is the WHY of protests. For the most part, people protest something, anything, when they feel that their voice is no longer being heard by those in power.

From that Boston Tea Party to the Civil Rights protests of the 1950s and 60’s to taking a knee before a football game.

When the powerful won’t listen to the people, they become frustrated and react with protests. History is replete with examples of power being taken away from those that refused to listen to the protestations of the powerless. Sacrifice everything if you must.

Imagine being so frustrated, having your voice so marginalized , that the only way you feel that you can be heard is through protest. How beaten down, how alienated as a people must you be to get to the point that the only way you feel the powerful will listen is to make a statement like Kaepernick made to the nation?

And then having the exact people your are trying to get to understand your position tell you to shut up, call you racial epithets, and to try to dismiss your simple act of defiance as somehow being not about civil injustice towards minorities but twisted to be about the military, the flag, and America?

You know the people that are afraid of the message are playing attention because they are burning their sneakers and cutting your logo from your socks.

You also know, deep down , that they are on the wrong side of history, because they don’t really believe in anything, other than what their tribe tells them to believe in.

Thank you Nike. Thank you for keeping the wind blowing in the sails. And providing a lesson that all our kids need to learn.


Author: Tim Holt is an educator and writer, with over 33 years experience in education and opines on education-related topics here and on his own award-winning blog: HoltThink. He values your feedback.

Feel free to leave a comment.  Read his previous columns here.

Tim Holt


Tim Holt is an educator and writer, with over 33 years experience in education and opines on education-related topics here and on his own award-winning blog: HoltThink. He values your feedback.

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  • More leftist crapola from socialist Tim Holt

    • TYPICAL WHITE NATIONALIST SUPREMACIST! MAD MIKE AKA Mikey! Nike sales and stock soared while you burnt your Nikes in protest! Now you have to go out and buy other brands of shoes for your bunion loaded smelly feet.
      Thank You Nike! I just bought me five new pairs of Nikes, my favorite brand!
      Trump can’t decide that decision for me, I’m not brainwashed and deplorable ugly!
      QUE VIVA! Colin Kaepernick! I like him more now than before when he played for my most favorite NFL team, the SF49ers!
      He did the right thing by taking a knee during the playing of the national anthem! it’s called exercising First Amendment’s Freedom of Speech! or of the press: or the right of the people peaceably to assemble etc.
      Something that Donald Trump is desperately trying to abolish and put us under tyrant fascist rule!

      • Of course Mueller isn’t going anywhere. Without his made up allegations of Trump with no evidence of anything and covering up of democratic collusion the Left would have nothing to talk about.

        • Vladimir Putin RULES HIS PUPPET! Donald J. Trump! there is nothing being made up by Special Counsel Criminal Investigator! And you freaking know it, so stop watching Fox Fake News and get on with your miserable life. What’s this, over thirty indictments,5 guilty pleas, one in prison one got out of prison,while another one is awaiting trial, Paul Manafort! Ha HA HA HA! NO EVIDENCE! PLENTY OF EVIDENCE, PLENTY OF DRAMA! The SWAMP TURNED OUT TO BE Donald Trump! You republicans have ISSUES! you know that your population numbers are dropping.Minority population is on the rise and withing time Y’ALL will be out numbered, and you will be out numbered in the voting polls as well. That is why you are nervous, your dreams of make America Slave Again will never be fulfilled.
          To John, Colin Kaepernick has sacrificed his NFL career,spreading the word of injustice of the constant killing of innocent African Americans by anglo cops and some aryan brothers too.
          Thank GOD For Nike! Conservative HYPOCRISY = DOUBLE STANDARDS! Buy your stinking athletic gear elsewhere, NIKE SALES CONTINUE TO SOAR and their STOCKS TOO!
          So go burn your Nike athletic workout shoes,beside you already paid for them,SO WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE? $$$ Ha Ha Ha.
          When Beto O’Rourke goes to the United States Senate, I’m going to encourage him and congresswoman Veronica Escobar D.El Paso, to initiate legislation to start working on dismantling the electoral college. That way republicans will officially become EXTINCT, maybe Y’ALL will move to Russia, where WHITE NATIONALIST RULE, take the NRA with you and just go back the same way your descendants
          came here. You are not good happy people! Even with all your guns. So YES! Robert Mueller still has plenty of criminal investigation work to do. And HE’S DOING AN OUTSTANDING JOB!
          Patriot Americans like Robert Mueller is what MAKES America GREAT! So since when has a draft dodger like Donald Trump DONE ANYTHING GOOD for America! Rolling back president Barack’s accomplishments because the RACIST BIGOT BIRTHER TRUMP envies him and is SO JEALOUS!
          The DNC STANDS FOR JUSTICE,LIBERTY AND DECENT DEMOCRACY! Republicans stand for Vladimir Putin as Donald Trump has already hinted that he would like to stay in power for life. And Putin agreed! Of all political parties, Donald Trump hijacked the GOP, and he is NOT ONE OF YOU! He is a Fascist DICTATOR! is what he is and I proudly give him my MIDDLE FINGER! as a NAVY Veteran! and PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN! your pride is in Russia with a twist of NAZI Germany’s past.
          Thank You Tim Holt, SOCIALIST! better than PUTINISM! SO MUCH DENIAL coming from the GOP.They are all treasonist, look even the late honorable John McCain! didn’t want Trump at his funeral!
          John Mccain is in a better place that Donald Trump will never enter.
          Things will get better in 2019, after the democrats take over both houses of congress and restore decency and honor!
          Then let Maxine Waters have Trump’s Head in a Golden Platter!
          WE WILL IMPEACH HIM! Donald Trump frantically and nervously yells at his HATE RALLY CROWDS! but I’ve done nothing wrong says Donald Trump,how can they impeach me when I have give myself A+’s for my work in playing golf.

          • Again. No impeachable event has occurred. He is a duly elected president. Even your boy OBama said our elections system could not be manipulated. Whose scared? You’rethe one screaming. You’re the one going on and on with leftist propaganda. Nothing new is coming out of the Mueller probe. At the same time. Every day more and more is coming about the Hillary, Obama and FBI/DOJ cover ups. Cover ups that Mueller was involved in. He cannot be a rational, impartial investigat or while trying to cover his own butt and save his buddies skin. Obama, HRC and their whole corrupt clan should in Priaon and prpbably would be of not for Comey and Muellees cover uo. Yours is the dying party. There are many democrats who recognize this and actually leaving your party. They stand for nothing except hate. The majority on hew voting democrats are illegal aliens voting illegally. Your girl Escobar is counting on it in fact. By the way, name one racist thing Trumo has done.

      • Impeach? Based on what? The man has done nithing wrong. Does the DNC stand for Dilusional
        Nothing but lying Cowards?

    • Hi Mikey,
      I noticed that you don’t respond to my comments on your comments, but I will try again: What exactly in this piece is “leftist crapola” in your opinion?

      Thanks for reading my piece.

      • What has Kaepernick sacrificed? His message is pure hypocrisy.

        • Hi John, thanks for reading my column. I would venture to say that since he has been blackballed by every team in the NFL that he has sacrificed his career as an NFL quarterback, worth millions of dollars for starters.

  • Yes thank you Nike for giving me an easier choice when it comes to my fitness wear buying. Anything BUT Nike. Just Stand!!

    • Hi Tired,
      Thanks so much for thoughtfully reading my column. Can you clarify what exactly it is that you object to in the Nike ads? The message? The messenger?

      • The messenger. This punk had the gaul to wear socks with pigs depicting cops, he’s blamed our wonderful President for his unemployment, and he acts like HE’s been marginalized. I’d take being marginalized for the kind of money he was making. Ask his rich WHITE mother how she feels about it?

        • Tired,
          So you agree with the message. That is good.

          • Well actually I’m confused by his Nike message. He’s protesting the anthem as a way to bring attention to the killing of African Americas by cops (yet completely ignoring the black on black killings that occur every day) and then he does a commercial on fulfilling your dreams. What’s the connection? They don’t seem related. Don’t you the think the innocent cops that have been murdered by people driven by Kaepernicks protests had dreams too? See the hypocrisy? If his message was “Hey cops, stop killing unarmed black people who present NO threat” then of course I support the message but not the method. However, I don’t see that as the message. If it was he (anf the other active NFL players) would have taken up the NFLs offer to meet to discuss a solution. No one has. I’m no fan of the NFL but at least THEY were willing to talk about it.

        • Well many cops are PIGS! The label STICKS since the 1960’s even here in El Paso we also have them, very few good police officers! What’s so wonderful about a moron dotard fascist bigot that puts immigrant children inside cages? Trump Fools just asked me to name one racist thing that trump has done.
          He wanted to execute the New York Central Park Five, four African Americans and one Hispanic American, They were all found NOT GUILTY! Going after President Barack Obama with his false birther movement allegations and accusations. Refusing to rent out his apartment to African Americans in NYC. Saying that he couldn’t get a fair trial in the Trump University Scandal because the judge residing over the court was a Mexican! Judge Curiel born in the United States and a republican.Trump calling African countries S””” Hole’s! Trump failing to call the White Nationalist Supremacist Nazis,
          bad people, he called them good people and didn’t denounce their racist stance during the Charlottesville demonstrations of August 2017.Trump calling Mexicans rapist and drug dealers and wanting to build a HATE WALL on our border with Mexico! To keep brown skin people from entering the country when they are seeking political asylum. As he separates them from their infant children and scatters them throughout the country with out keep tract of where they are or where they went. Taking $10 million dollars from FEMA to build interment camps for immigrants. These same people are eventually going to sue the feds…once they get professional legal advice. You can’t deny them political asylum when they are fleeing their homeland for most obvious reasons, like gang terror and violence. I will tell you that at the end, NO ONE EVER LEAVES THIS WORLD WITHOUT PAYING THEIR DUES! NO ONE IS EXEMPT FROM THE LAW OR IS ABOVE THE LAW! and this include trump as thinks he is….Why do you think that he wants to appoint Brett Kavanaugh the the United States Supreme Court? So Trump can pardon himself and he can also get a free get out of jail pass for himself and his son Jr and many other crooked criminals just like himself. You have to remember that Donald Trump is A CROOKED CRIMINAL! More crooked than Paul Manafort, Richard Gates and company. FIFTY FOUR MORE DAYS till the midterm elections,can’t wait to open the floodgates to the BLUE WAVE! and drown out these racist treasonist rats in team trump.

          • MAGA – Everything you mentioned is either a half truth or didn’t happened that way at all. I will not respond to every one of your exaggerations but the wall is about national security and protecting our country from criminals. You can call them refugees, asylum seekers or whatever you want. They are criminals. Illegal Aliens who broke the law to get here. Hence being separated from their families (if they even are their family which is highly questionable in many cases). There are 100s of thousands of criminals in our prison systems removed from their families for committing crimes. Do the crime do the time. Trump is doing what he should by taking care of OUR citizens first. However, I know this is all pointless because your hatred is consuming you so I say Good Day Sir. Every time a Democrat is faced with a disagreement they ALWAYS resort to making it about race. NO matter the topic or outcome, the other side is a racist. THAT is what is dividing this country. Not every person who supported Obama was close-minded, brain washed hack. Well not all Trump supporters are racist treasonists to use your words. Most of us just care about this country, its laws, its constitution and its citizens. I hope you and your family are reaping the benefits of our current Presidents strong economy and his tax cuts and not suffering too deeply from the dumpster fire known as Obamacare. Good Day! Trump still rules…..get over it just like we had to get over 8 years of terror under Obama.

  • Really. He had a contract on the table by his old team. He turned it down. Greed I guess. He’s not being blackballe he was a gimic QB at best and once defenses figured him out he was done. If he xould wpuld a team would have signed him by now

    • Sorry……if he was any good a team would have signed him by now.

    • Hi John, Some might beg to differ, as this sportswriter for the Chicago Tribune pints out:


      • Tim. He’s a sports writer. Part of his job as a “journalist” is to create turmoil on certain topics. It sells newspapers. It’s his opinion. What experience does he have in coaching or in talent evaluation? Dak Prescott has impressive numbers for his first 2 years as well. Guess what? He probably won’t be around in 2 years either. He’s just not that good.

  • So why are all the KVIA forum bloggers over here on the El Paso Herald Post? their biased prejudice and bigoted when democrats like me post on their forum. Register against the Resistance aka Watch HAWG! is their republican forum police moderator. A COMPLETE DELETE HOG! and so is Mikey, aka Mad Mike 272,and tired and register is the same person! He just wants to make itself look more stronger in numbers then gets all dilisonal about it.

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