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Op-Ed: The Future of Money is Now!

Question? What does Republican Senator from Wyoming Cynthia Lummis, New York Democratic Mayoral candidate Eric Adams, Republican Mayor of Miami Francis Suarez and Democratic Governor of Nevada Steve Siseniak, have in common?

They all have embraced blockchain and cryptocurrency as the future economy and are working hard to adopt Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies into their municipal and statewide government agenda’s.

These politicians realize that the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry can bridge the divide between race, politics, religion, borders, sexual orientation and class structures. They recognize that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are the best asset class available today, and a great hedge against inflation (which by the way is around 5%). They recognize that the dollar is failing and there needs to be an alternative monetary system in place to compete before the next depression or recession exist.

Just recently, Wells Fargo one of the partners in the Federal Reserve announced it is suspending all personal lines of credit. No credit line extensions, no home equity loans, and more centralized control of credit.

While the mainstream media and other information outlets concentrate on COVID-19, voter fraud, domestic terrorism, inflation, immigration, critical race theory, and a host of other issues, there is a growing bi-partisan minority of politicians who are pro Bitcoin, pro Blockchain, and pro Decentralization of money.

As Democrat Congressman Darren Soto, U.S. Representative for Florida’s 9th district, and co-chairmen of the Congressional Blockchain Caucus, states: “The future is here and crypto has the ability to decentralize control and empower each and every one of us.”

That’s right Congressman, financial emancipation, control of your own money, and prosperity for all, not just the chosen few. That is the promise of blockchain and cryptocurrency. From business development, to decentralized governance, education, human resources and more.

The Future of Money is Now … Blockchain is Here … Long Live the Future!

Author: Majeed A. Kariem, CBP
C4-Certified Bitcoin Professional |  President, Blockchain Merchants Assoc.


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