• May 17, 2022
 Op-Ed: The Trump Snake Oil Wagon Rolls into Town this Monday

Photo clip courtesy C-Span

Op-Ed: The Trump Snake Oil Wagon Rolls into Town this Monday

The damage is done.

President Trump went and weaponized our city as a political propaganda tool to push his personal “Build my Big, Beautiful Wall” agenda.

He looked America straight in the eye during his State of the Union Address and put us under his dark, manipulative spotlight, telling everybody that El Paso was once one of the most violent crime-ridden cities in America, but immediately after the local border wall was built, we magically transformed into one of the safest.

The president’s reputation for honesty is abysmal, and this whopper is on full rotation in his continuing effort to fulfill his absurd promise to his 35% base to spend billions of taxpayer dollars on a medieval wall straight out of the Dark Ages while ignoring real immigration reform.

Unfortunately, the collateral damage will not stop with his pre-meditated lie repeated on the national and international media stage.

Donald Trump is coming to town and his timing couldn’t be more perfect.

Less than a week after his incendiary, disingenuous and divisive SOTU address, Trump will roll his snake oil wagon into the El Paso Coliseum to sell his dubious elixirs to our city.

And he’s lining up El Pasoans to become salespeople for his xenophobic, fear-mongering, divisive and heartless immigration tactics.

Chants of “Build the wall!  Build the wall!  Build the wall!” will fill the Coliseum on Monday night.

What better city to manipulate as a political tool to push an unpopular wall than one on the border with plenty of anti-immigrant sentiment, a pro-wall mayor and loads of Trump love?

We may be 83% Latino but there is a surprising level of bitterness towards people who arrive at our doors looking for asylum and a better life for their families.  And a lot of this anger comes from this very population.

Yes, we all know that they need to enter legally like our parents and abuelos did but America’s immigration system has degraded to a near-impossible maze of hoops and dollars and years that desperate people have to negotiate in mind-numbing and soul-crushing frustration.

We’ve witnessed firsthand the kind of abusive treatment the Trump administration subjects asylum seekers to right here on the border and yet, rather than deal with these human rights and immigration issues, we demand nothing more than a metaphoric wall that represents our deepest prejudices towards people of color south of our borders.

This Monday will be something of a litmus test for El Paso’s citizens and leaders.

It’s a moment in our history where one of America’s most polarizing and confounding presidents will roll into town, toss a figurative grenade into our midst and make every effort to divide us further in the name of his wall and his 2020 Re-election Tour.

Many will put on their Trump merch, make a holy pilgrimage to the Coliseum and sit at Trump’s feet as he delivers his Monday night sermon.

Many will organize and march with protest signs and rhyming chants fueled by fear and loathing.

Many will sit this one out.

I for one have downloaded my tickets to his rally, I’ll present them at the door, take a seat and watch El Paso history in the making along with several hundred fellow El Pasoans who I have serious disagreements with but are none-the-less my neighbors and fellow human beings.

I gave up on Trump long before he even became president but I’m not ready to give up on those who think in diametric opposition to me just yet.

I hope they feel the same way about me.

Otherwise we’re doomed as a country.

Whatever you do on Monday night, do it with your whole heart.

America will be watching.

Graphic by Jud Burgess


Jud Burgess is a local graphic designer, business owner, and blogger who is involved in local activism efforts.  judburgess.com  /  James No Bond on FB


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  • The snake oil wagon is more like a dumpster fire on wheels filled with old used auto tires! it makes no sense for Donald Trump to come to El Paso! Nobody invited him to our great city,yet he is using El Paso as a publicity quest for his racist border wall.
    In seven more days he has threaten to close down the federal government again, because the democratic congress is not going to give him not one centavo.
    He be better off saving face and go to Mar a Lago to play golf on his executive time! and the bottom line for Donald Trump’s El Paso visit. Persona Non Grata! take your hate elsewhere, Baby Orange Trump!

  • Burgess is just another aprachnik for the Democratic/Socialist Party

  • Dear Mr. President,

    With appropriate respect to your office, I humbly submit that you spare our citizenry the expense, insult, and irritation of your mockable visit to our city, El Paso, Texas.

    Our community’s pride and self-respect are at once unrecognizable and unreceptive to you, so spare yourself the humiliation, sir, should you have any.

    Thank you for your time and attention.

    John Campos
    U.S. Citizen and El Paso Native

    • Dear Mr Campos, we don’t care what you think
      Mikey and the rest of the normal citizens of El Paso

    • Dear Mr Campos, don’t pay any attention to a white nationalist racist bigot by the name of mikey, AKA little fat mad mike! The little fat obese mikey is degenerate and moronically spoiled with fear and hate mongering. He is also a Fort Bliss reject that decided to stick around El Paso to collect unemployment then work for low wages at the car wash. That is why he is mad as a mean mad chamuco del enferno ! No es normal de su mente,le falta tornillos y tuercas! Si, he is missing nuts and bolts en su cabeza del burro tonto ignorante.
      Que se lo lleve el diablo, Donald Trump!


    • Hey dipshidiot, we already have a wall here, and it works. Now run along, it is time for your Tide Pod Challenge!

    • I understand that the Socialist/Democrat Party is holding our for ICE having less beds to detain illegal aliens with and they are willing to shut the government down Friday to get it. Now why would they do that? Because they want another “catch and release” operation like Obama had going. I guess that Little Bobby Francis and his socialist party are ok with MS-13 members roaming our streets

      • WE THE PEOPLE! are going to abolish ICE! it’s your Nazi Trump that is going to shut down the government this coming Friday!
        Then you’ll have nothing else better to do but cry and whine again moron mad mike! So you didn’t learn anything from the 35 day shutdown you dumb idiot, you are so in denial.Can’t admit to the truth but you sure can tell lies like a clown.

        • At least I have a job. You are an unemployable dirtbag in his mid-60’s that got thrown out of the Navy for drug use

  • You can’t smear me mad mike like you do on the Nazi KVIA forum! you are envious and jealous about me. I’m done working, but you, you still have to work for low wages.
    How do you spend your time at work, on the computer commenting your racist hate!
    Like lazy Trump,you probably consider it executive time!
    I know that I make you mad as I will continue to rattle your cage, and that serves you right, you buttblast.
    The Navy to me is way better than the Army, I’m proud to have served my country. Obviously you are not proud of anything other than to be a white nationalist bigot racist moron.
    Accusing me of getting kicked out of the Navy when you have no proof. I can easily hire a lawyer and go after you for defamation of character, so consider that a warning.
    I own you, you deplorable nazi wannabe fascist bigot idiot.

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