• October 18, 2021
 Op-Ed: What Good Is Teaching Kids To Not Bully When We Have A Racist as President?

Op-Ed: What Good Is Teaching Kids To Not Bully When We Have A Racist as President?

Send her back!” “Send her back!” chanted the crowd at the rally for the man that was sworn into office with a bible once held by the Great Emancipator.

They chanted in unison as he smiled broadly after mocking a duly elected Unites States Representative and US citizen, Ilhan Omar (D-MN).

He smiled.

He basked in the moment.

He did nothing to stop them from expressing their message of hate.

He could have said “Stop.”

He could have said that that type of behavior was inappropriate.

He could have said that we are all Americans.

He did nothing but smile.

Thousands of slobbering, mouth breathing MAGA-hat-wearing Republicans, all crammed into a convention center in Greenville, North Carolina; all rabidly and proudly displaying their most base, racist tendencies. This, in their minds, is what making America great again was all about.

Send her back. Send the BLACK woman back to where she came from. Back to Africa. Get out of here. You are black. You wear something on your head that isn’t a red, Chinese made baseball cap.

America will be great again when all the blacks are back in Africa. While you are at it, send all the Mexicans and other brown skins back to Mexico. Except the Cubans. We like the Cubans.We would rather have them than those pesky unAmerican Puerto Ricans.

You don’t belong in our whites-only America.

All of that hate was stoked by the crapfest made by a man who has made a political career by being a Not-quite-white-supremacist-but close, a charge he denies, but something his actions cannot.

From denying housing to minorities as a 1970’s slum lord, to the Central Park 5, to fanning the flames of the “Birther Movement,” to starting his run for president by calling Mexicans “rapists and murderers,” to asking for “My black guy” at a political rally, to saying that there are good White Supremacists, to telling four women of color that are in Congress to “Go back where they came from,” this almost daily reminder that this grand experiment may not be so grand after all, has proven time and time again that not only is he a racist, but his millions and millions of Republican followers, who seemed to have never taken a single class in US History, are as well.

“We aren’t all racists” they claim. But just look how the GOP, collectively, come to the Racist-in-Chief’s defense, not only to claim he was misquoted, to mock the media for reporting it, to even, as Fox News did, blame the democrats for his racist behavior. Can the GOP as a group condemn his words?

Not a chance. They roll excitedly in them like your dog in a pile of poop. In fact, some have even made the case that if you protest a racist and his racist rants, you are anti-American and anti-Jesus. You should go back where you came from.

Indeed, his approval rating among Republicans actually increased once he began his racist rants against four female members of Congress that are all women of color. His approval ratings went up. Up.

Let that sink in for a second.

And before you claim that what he or his followers were saying was not racist, the phrase “Why don’t you go back to where you came from” is specifically mentioned in EEOC documents as a textbook example of discrimination. A Textbook Example.

Yet, despite all the evidence to the contrary, 90% of his supporters claim that he is not a racist. It is like a Monty Python sketch where the man holding the dead parrot refuses to believe it is dead, despite all the evidence pointing to the parrot, indeed is dead.

Just a few years ago, Republicans tried to prove they were not a white’s only club because Abraham Lincoln was a Republican and well, look at what he did for black people.

Well, about that: Two recent studies have shown without doubt that Republican supporters, by and large, support this president not for typical economic reasons, but because they are afraid of losing their lily-white faced country to people that do not look like them. They are afraid of “the other.”

Pew Research data, published last week stated: “An analysis of ‘feeling thermometer’ ratings of Trump finds that attitudes about immigration, Islam and racial diversity are strongly associated with Republican voters’ views of the presumptive GOP presidential nominee.

Other political values — including opinions about whether the U.S. economic system is unfair and whether business profits are excessive — are less closely linked to feelings about Trump.”

Not surprisingly, other research has shown that the more one associates feelings that our nation is being taken over by “the other,” the greater the support of Trump.

Make America White Again should really be the slogan.

Maybe all Republicans aren’t all racists, but as the Chicago Tribune pointed out, supporting racism and those that are racist is just as bad as being one. Every single Republican that right now supports this president (who will no doubt go down in history as one of the worst we have ever had), is just as guilty as their fellow  North Carolinian GOP moral neanderthals for supporting his racist agenda. You don’t get a pass by saying “But yes, the economy is good.” You are not allowed to be a fair-economic weather racists.

Either you support racism, or you don’t. You either are Christian or you are not. It is that easy. You take the moral high road, or you take the low road. There is no middle ground here. Your choice Republicans. You can’t have it both ways.

When I was young, I was taught that I should respect the “Office” of the President, even if I didn’t like the president himself. Fair enough.

But as a child, I could not mentally separate the “Office” of the president from the person that was the president. The office and the person were one in the same. This is probably true today with our children, who are watching carefully what is happening.

The moral standard bearer for our nation is a racist and a bully.

“Someday little Sally, you could grow up to be the President of the United States” we used to tell our kids. What does that mean today? Do we even want our kids have that particular aspiration? What message is that sending? Someday, you too can be the biggest bully in the whole world? Someday, you can lead a convention hall full of haters in a hate chant? Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

School districts across the country spend millions and millions of dollars each year on “anti-bullying” and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum and teaching, trying to get across the message to our children that being a bully, being mean, and being rude to your fellow students, or anyone, is wrong.

It is a deep-seated message, founded, I suppose, in the idea that you should treat your neighbor with the same type of behavior that you want to be treated. It is the basis for most religions. It is in every school. It is the foundation, basically, for almost every single law that we have ever passed.

It is even the basis for the Melania Trump’s ironically named “Be Best” campaign.

Yet, here we are, trying to teach that message to our children that watch the news and see the president being a bully, being mean, being rude and treating his neighbors like caca almost on a daily message.

How can evangelicals, with a straight face, teach their children the words of Jesus who said to treat everyone with love, while at the same time claiming that this president was chosen by their god? Is racism, hate and bullying the message we want our children to see? Is that the type of behavior we want them to emulate?

How do we explain to them when they misbehave when they can point at a tv screen and say “but the president does it?”

Hopefully, there are enough parents and teachers out there that can use our current office holder as a negative example.

Trump is how NOT to behave.

Trump is what a bully looks and behave like.

Trump shows us how not to treat other people.

Trump shows us what our country is NOT about.

People that support Trump are examples of how NOT to behave.

Maybe that is how we make the difference.

Kids, this guy is a bad example of how to be a human, and this is how you should not behave. MAGA.


Author: Tim Holt is an educator and writer, with over 33 years experience in education and opines on education-related topics here and on his own award-winning blog: HoltThink. He values your feedback.

Feel free to leave a comment.  Read his previous columns here.

Tim Holt


Tim Holt is an educator and writer, with over 33 years experience in education and opines on education-related topics here and on his own award-winning blog: HoltThink. He values your feedback.

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  • Hard to disagree with a single word written in this column.

    No one is above the law!
    Nearly 11,000 lies have been said from the man inside the white house.
    A man who favors foreign adversaries over our own FBI investigators.
    A man that was never exonerated by the special counsel criminal investigator, Robert Mueller!
    A man that inherited President Barack Obama’s successful economic legacy!
    And claims this economic legacy as his own.
    A man that puts immigrant asylum seeking children inside cages like dogs at the pound.
    A man that separates immigrant child from their parents.
    A man that said their were good people on both sides at the Charlottesville demonstration of August 2017.
    A man siding with White National Supremacist,KKK, Racist Bigots!
    A man that hates Mexican Americans, African Americans,Muslim Americans and all people of color,mainly brown skin people,and says that they come from SHIT HOLE COUNTRIES!
    A man that sides with Russian president Vladimir Putin and held a secret meeting not allowing journalist or reporters at the Helsinki Summit.
    A man that had six administrators indicted by the special counsel! Two are currently serving time in prison.
    37 indictments all together!
    Today marks the beginning of Day of RECKONING for Donald J Trump!
    The basket of deplorable’s can’t stand the truth,since they all agree with Donald Trump’s HATE, and Corruption!

    • In case you didn’t see the train wreck of testimony by Mueller yesterday, he didn’t have to exonerate Trump. His mis-handled investigation of a HOAX IS the exoneration. Mueller is completely inept. The man didn’t not write that report. He knew NOTHING about what was in it. He was the one taking orders in this whole hoax not giving them. And the Trump hater Wiesman was giving the orders. Mueller was the PUPPET. The entire thing is clearly made up. I’ve said it before, the entire purpose of this “investigation’ was NOT to find out what Trump did (or didn’t do), it was so that Muellers team could get access to the Russian hoax materials and destroy any evidence and/or connections to Hillary, Mueller himself, Obama, Comey and all the rest. Their names were all over it and they knew that once Hillary won, those records would be destroyed. Well she lost and they had to cover their butts. That was the only way they could get access to their records to destroy them. The democrats are the once colluding with the Russians not the republicans. The democrats are the corrupt ones not the republicans.

  • Typical Tim Holt leftist crapola

    • How many burner phones do you have, BUTT BLAST Mad Mike! right wing NUT JOB ASS HOLE trumpTURD!?

      • Every time you open your foul mouth, you cause more people to question the sanity of the democrat party.

        • Really, and what about when Donald Trump opens his mouth, how do you judge his sanity Mad Mike?
          Telling the NFL fire those SON OF A BITCHES FOR TAKING A KNEE, football players.
          Beside Mad Mike I only cuss out republican BIGOTS like YOU!
          GET MY DRIFT?
          Don’t tell me that you don’t have a foul mouth yourself, Over at KVIA you get away with a lot of CRAP!
          And besides, FOUL LANGUAGE is the only LANGUAGE that republicans understand. They don’t like it when someone like me directs it back at them. You are a prime weak example Mad Mike.

      • Hey dumbass Alberto all those people calling you with burner phones are most likely bill collectors or sales marketing tricking you to buy a copy of the dead on arrival Mueller report.

        His latest testimony yesterday was a train wreck and total NOTHING BURGER. But Alberto the moron will triple down with his recalcitrant attitude and spewing fake news. Trump winning. Alberto losing.

        Alberto for prison 2019!

        BTW – Michael Moore says STFU. lmao.

  • I think some of the responses to this column pretty much verify my point for writing it. Remember, the children are watching and taking notes on how the adults behave.

    Thank you for reading my column.

  • Tim, it doesn’t verify your point at all. In fact, it’s the complete opposite. The biggest offender of what you are talking about on this site is a Trump-hating, uneducated liberal who thinks just like you. He is constantly harassing and slandering republicans who he has no personal knowledge of and making false accusations based solely on political party affiliation. Just like you did in your article and do it most of your articles. Well Tim, you are a Democrat and you support Ilhan Omar who is a confirmed supporter of Anti-American Terrorism and is being investigation for violating immigration laws. So according to your logic YOU yourself MUST be an anti-American, treasonist terrorist simply for supporting this person. Our support for our President has NOTHING to due with any racial issues. He has done nothing wrong and has shown over and over again that he is not a racist. IN fact he has done more for minorities that any other President in recent history. So if it’s not about race, why do we support him? Because he is a Washington outsider. He doesn’t do things like a politician. GREAT! Because of that he has been harassed, bullied, lied about, lied too, set up, illegally spied on, falsely accused and investigated for a hoax that was started by democrats. So the man stands up for himself (as he should) and fights back. He tells people if they don’t like this country and they support their countries of origin over ours, then go back there. That isn’t racist. He stands up for ALL AMERICANS who LOVE this country. He wants what’s best for AMERICA. He is enforcing the laws that make our country safer. Unfortunately, we do not have room in this country nor the money to take in EVERY person in the world who decides to violate our laws just because they don’t like their own country. Would we allow people to just move into their neighbors house just because its a nicer house? Would you Tim? Of course not. So why should we as a country? Follow the rules and we are glad to have you. Is that racist? I hope this President continues to stand up to the hate against him and our country and continues to move his agenda forward. For the good of this country. You are right about one thing though Tim. Children are watching. That is the ONLY reason why I keep coming back here and responding to these ridiculous Op-Eds. I want the children reading to see that there are 2 sides to EVERY story. I want them to know that just because some liberal leftists said something doesn’t meant it’s true. We, as Republicans need to fight for ourselves, fight against the hate and have an obligation to keep our children ACCURATELY informed so they can make their own decisions, unlike the robotic democrats who only know how to saw…..”You don’t agree with us or do things like us so you are a RACIST!!!!”.

    With all of Donald Trump’s Shenanigans and LIES! NOT TO MENTION, ‘HUSH PAYMENTS!’
    Our Great Nation was already doing GREAT under president Barack Obama!
    Then came this fascist narcissist racist CON ARTIST! Donald Trump! who happens to be Russia’s GREATEST ASSET in Washington D.C.
    So it has backfired on Vladimir Putin! Putin thought that by installing his puppet inside the White House!
    That the United States would have lifted sanctions against the Russian! by now! BUT NO CIGAR PUTIN!
    And all republicans from the dumbest to the most deplorable knows! that if the COWARD Mitch McConnell, puts up an election security bill on the floor for passage.
    He’s job and the jobs of many spineless republicans are doomed!
    The republicans are dependent on Russia’s meddling in the 2020 elections! as Donald Trump recently said on ABC, that he would accept dirt from a foreign adversary on his 2020 opponent.
    But this so called The Original MAGA! is out of the closet! it don’t have to done it’s white cloak and white conical hood any further more. It’s cheap and easy to purchase those disgusting MADE IN CHINA, RED MAGA HATS! That they wear now at Trump’s CAMPAIGN HATE RALLIES!
    Then it has the nerve to go after Tim Holt and congresswoman Ilhan Omar!
    Their population numbers are dwindling, they know how to rig elections,cheat in elections, with their voter suppression and gerrymandering of democratic voting districts. As if we weren’t paying attention. But the last shoe has dropped, and the republicans are scrambling around like chickens with their heads cut off.
    WE’VE HAD ENOUGH OF THEM! and they will pay a price at the polls come 2020.
    Donald Trump and the entire republican party and their supports are nothing but racist bigots. and they can’t STAND THE TRUTH!

    • I see you still can’t do a mindless rabid rant in thirty words or less. Big fat motor mouth. Michael Moore says STFU. You are nothing but a libtard bigot and racist. The worst kind of human scum. Your buddy Obama was nothing but a race baiter and the worst president in U.S. history. You are so delusional it’s comical. All you do in your rants is regurgitate leftist propaganda that you see on MSNBC, CNN and other leftist media.

      Alberto for prison 2019!

      Happy TDS!

      • You can’t see nothing Fero,and you can’t dictate on how many words it takes me to give you your daily beat downs.
        You are such a whiny bitch and you have to copycat off my words because the maggots have devour all what use to be the only brain cell left in your cesspool mind.
        You suffer from Trumpitis! President Barack Obama is a very popular president, not only in the United States, but world wide. Except for Russia,and North Korea, those are Donald Trump Countries!
        Like I have said before, STAY OFF MY THREADS! on the EPHP! and I’ll stay off your MAMA!
        Continue swinging off Donald Trump’s orange balls.
        Humty DUMBTY!

        Fero All ready being in PRISON! and he’s going back soon….

        • Hey Alberto your leftist buddy Michael Moore says STFU! LMAO.

          BTW – CHICKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          Alberto for prison 2019!

      • He’s never gonna get it Fero. Leftists are driven by hate. They’re consumed by. It’s in their blood. He called Ilhan Omar a patriot. She’s the one throwing around racist rhetoric but according to him she’s a patriot. She actually said the biggest threat to Americans are white men. How is that not racist? He hates me becauseI’m white and I’m right. He ‘s incapable of having a rational discussion because he’s a delusional, hypocrite racist.

        • Clearly Alberto is a lunatic that belongs in an mental institution for the criminally insane. Proof positive that liberalism is truly a mental disease.

          The best thing to do is continue your excellent posts directed towards him. What he calls getting beat down. That is all he understands since he is a total idiot. The bottom line is you can’t fix stupid.

    • Alberto Velarde the big fat CHICKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! EL POLLO LOCO! LMAO.

      Alberto for prison 2019!

      BTW – The Squad witches (AOC, et al) are Communists just like you.

      • Alberto is too stupid to be a communist, he is what Lenin called a “useful idiot”!

        • He’s too stupid to be a human being. Nothing but a scumbag. Fly larvae are probably smarter than this turd.

          Alberto for prison 2019!

  • Fero and Original MAGA are both WIMPS! WEIRD, how they both came over from KVIA forum to the El Paso Herald Post! just to argue and lie and rant. Because they know that they belong to the republican Cult of Donald Trump.
    They both suffer from TRUMPITIS in their ass holes. yet they won’t go to the free clinic for treatment.
    TRUMPITIS is only a republican disease! since they belong to a cult that is going Extinct!
    They are recruiting people like me to join them! But I’m way to smart and intelligent to lower my standards.
    Like Donald Trump, they have made a pack with Satan and there is no hope for them.
    Finally Original MAGGOT has admitted that White Nationalist Deplorable’s are a threat to the United States!
    Ilhan Omar is FAMILY to me! I stand with her over these white nationalist supremacist deplorable scum bags.
    45 Es un Tittere!
    Original MAGA es una MIERDA!
    TRUMPITIS is real! Google it up. it’s no lie.

    • See you can’t fix Alberto’s stupid. LMAO.

      Alberto for prison 2019!

  • 7/26/2019 – “The U.S. Supreme Court allowed President Donald Trump to begin building the wall on the U.S.-Mexico border using emergency funds, lifting an injunction Friday that had been imposed by a district court in California and upheld by the Ninth Circuit.”

    Trump winning. Dumbass Alberto and his leftist Communists buddies losing.

    Alberto for prison 2019!

    • How can Trump be winning when he is going to prison in 2021!
      Oh yeah! Moscow Mitch McConnell refuse to pass two election security bills in the senate.
      You just wait and see, the Russian republicans are going to piss us off, and come November 2020
      we are taking back our country from you treasonist traitor deplorable’s.
      Trump and Moscow Mitch will be going to prison.
      What’s this that I hear about Moscow Mitch McConnell getting kick out of the military for sodomy!
      I bet that Fero, Mad Mike and Trump Winning all had a foursome with Moscow Mitch.
      That’s why they all have TRUMPITIS NOW! it’s inside their anal cavity and spreading upwards to their mouth.

      • It’s clearly very obvious Trump is winning but you are too dumb and delusional to accept it. But oh wait….you are a dumbass libtard….no wonder. Plus you are a bad fortune teller. Get some new tarot cards or maybe feed the chupacabra for good luck. lmao. Trump won back in 2016 and you lost moron. You are still butt hurt from LOSING. Then he beat your buddy Mueller without even trying. The same Mueller you worshipped for over two years. Your moronic rants on EPHP prove it. “Mueller ain’t going away”? Good thing they can’t be deleted. Easy to copy and paste to beat you down with. Throw back into your fugly face. Even worse was Mueller’s recent testimony that was a total train wreck. You made yourself a total fool as usual. Whether you like it or not President Trump will win in 2020 and we will take back the House due to your libtards friends like Pelosi, Nadler, Schiff and the Communist Squad led by AOC. Happy TDS for the next 6 years dumbass. Trump winning, Alberto losing.

        Alberto for prison 2019!

        Trump 2020!

        BTW – CHICKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • While I appreciate the passion here, I wish that readers would be as equally passionate about our education system as they are about attacking one another over their political views. I have written well over 100 columns for the Herald Post, and rarely does anyone comment on the education deep dive columns.

    Perhaps in the future, you can exert some effort to thoughtfully commenting on those other columns as well. I look forward to readers insightful, well thought out input that helps solve the problems.

    • Tim, I can give you 2 reasons why people don’t comment on your “education deep dives”. One, almost every article that you write is laced with some liberal, political agenda. You can’t just write an article without making some political insult of republicans. Second, when people do try to have an open dialogue with you, you dismiss them. If they don’t agree with what you are telling them you dismiss them. You know everything and everyone who disagrees with you knows nothing. Not exactly a recipe for open discussion now is it? I know people who work with you and they say the same thing. You think you have all the answers and it’s either your way or no way. People don’t like to exchange ideas with such single minded people.

  • Everyone who is name calling is bullying!

    • RE: Ms. Independent July 27, 2019 at 11:03 am. Everyone who is name calling is bullying!

      Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.

  • I forgot to add: Your article is well written and thought out.

  • Here’s the problem Mr Tim Holt!

    A few undesirable deplorable’s posting here, imported themselves from the KVIA Forum!
    Once Mikey told them that I was here on the El Paso Herald Post, commenting and using my real actual name.
    There is nothing wrong with commenting about your opinions and views Mr Holt!
    Just read the garbage that the right wing nut jobs post, as they come after you and they come after me.or go after anyone that is not a fascist racist supporter of Donald Trump.
    That is how they dominate and have taken over the KVIA Forum, and Mikey has invited them here to the El Paso Herald Post.
    I know that I use foul profanity language against them! because it’s the only language they understand! Since Donald Trump uses it all the time in his campaign hate rally speeches,they understand him well, and they understand me well.
    If Mr. Conservative says that everyone name calling is bullying! well he has it half right! surely he don’t consider Donald Trump bullying when he tells American congresswomen: TO GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM! or calling third would countries in Africa and Central America: SHIT HOLE COUNTRIES!
    Here on the El Paso Herald Post, it’s CYBER BULLYING from the far right! all republicans think that their shit don’t stink.
    We don’t have to be rocket scientist to figure this one out.
    My philosophy is FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE! the only way to defeat them is to remove Donald Trump from office. It’s Donald Trump that has brought out so much hate in the United States.
    Donald Trump went after president Barack Obama since he started the birther movement! which turn out to be a LIE! Other than president Obama served our GREAT NATION WELL! and he is the United States First African American President. AMERICA WAS ALREADY GREAT before Donald Trump! you figure out the rest.
    SHAME ON YOU! Mr Conservative? Birds of a feather flock together and you are GUILTY!
    I call it, guilty by association.
    Hiding racist bones in the closet don’t cut it Mr Conservative.

    • Poor Alberto got his feelings hurt. Whining and crying to Mr. Holt ’cause nobody else will listen to him or console him. Goes into another psycho rant to lash out. Obviously getting beat down which ruffles his feathers. At least over at KVIA they heavily moderate and delete his rants most of which are nothing but ad hominem attacks against anyone that disagrees with him or who are not libtards. Plus he runs about 24 aliases/names pretending to be others when we all know it is actually Alberto Velarde the nut job.

      Alberto curses excessively because obviously he has a very limited English vocabulary due to being very uneducated and a low life. Compared to Alberto President Trump does not use profanity like Alberto does. I know since I attended the MAGA rally held in El Paso back in February. Not a one cuss word as he falsely claims. Fake news Alberto. All Alberto did was stay home and watch his fake news leftist propaganda media outlets like MSNBC and CNN. Alberto is all talk and no action. I gave him the opportunity to meet me mano a mano at Ft. Bliss today at noon to settle identity issues and he chickened out. Alberto the big fat CHICKEN! He thinks I am his long lost buddy Jerry or some idiot with a tattoo on his face. Enough said for now.

      Alberto for prison 2019!


    • Some day soon, they will forcibly take you in for a psych-eval

    • Fake news Alberto. It looks like you’ve never been to any African or Central American countries. If you did you would know they are shit hole places by default. Even Mexico is a shit hole. Your Commiefornia is a shit hole. Nothing new. LMAO.

      BTW – The only real bully here is YOU!

      Alberto for prison 2019!

      Trump 2020!

  • How do you where I’ve have been Fero? I did go to Africa, I went to Alexandria Egypt and took a bus ride to Cairo. Nope, Mexico is not a shit hole country! Mexico is a beautiful country, and I went to Mazatlan with the United States Navy!
    Never been to Central America but was invited many times by friends to go with them to El Salvador. When one of my friends mother would visit him from El Salvador, she would make us this delicious sea food soup called Sopa De Marisco!
    You never been anywhere in the world Fero, the only places you have been too are the Downtown El Paso County Detention Facility! and the Huntsville Penitentiary! and hitched hike back to El Paso.
    Also a military BRIG or Stockade.
    California is a beautiful state! but global warming is burning it down! piece by piece. California is way too beautiful. Unlike Texas, where many racist bigots have invaded our state, ass holes just like you Fero.
    gfero,You know that you are a CYBER BULLY! and you have several screen names over at KVIA forum. You don’t fool anyone.
    You suck dude. and you are UGLY!
    TRUMP IS RAGING MAD! he knows that he is certainly going to prison in 2021!
    When we democrats have full control of all three branches of government!
    Then we can restore our dignity and this fascist mess that Trump has made.
    Let’s see if you are around by then! you are one shameless Son Of A Bitch! Fero.

    • It’s fake news Alberto. Blah! Blah! Blah!


      Alberto for prison 2019!

  • Big liar! See based on your own admissions Alberto you haven’t been any place in the last 40 years. You couldn’t tell a shit hole place from your own big fat rear end. Having friends from El Salvador or eating their food like some seafood soup doesn’t mean you’ve been there so I was right on. But in your delusional mind you were there. What an imagination. Clearly a clear cut case of psychosis due to your mental disease. Paranoid schizo with chronic TDS. You got it backwards moron. Idiot libtards like you ruined California and turned it into Commiefornia. Then you left like locusts to destroy other states like Texas. But we remain strong in Texas united against you libtards. In other words Texas is a solid red state and will stay that way for now. Conservatives rule and you drool. LOSER! LMAO.

    As for 2020 the Democraps will lose the House and President Trump will get reelected in a total landslide. The U.S. is not ready for you Communists and far leftists to take over. We don’t want to be turned into a shit hole place like Venezuela but obviously you would enjoy that.

    You had your chance to meet me Saturday to clear up identity issues but you failed to show up. You were afraid to see who I really was and how you are a total nobody in life. Section 8 welfare queen. You are pathetic.


    Alberto for prison 2019!

    Trump 2020!

  • Fero La Puta! why should I waste my time going to meet you! I had better things to do than to go meet someone like you. Obviously you are jealous and envious about me.
    You think that you know so much about me, 40 years ago I was still station in the bay area, 1979 to be exact.
    My ship was in dry dock at Hunters Point in San Francisco, but when we left dry dock January 1980, a few months later we traveled up North to Vancouver British Columbia. Then I left the Navy for the first time, but went back.
    As for you Fero, you were not around during those great years of my prime, you were still up your daddy’s squirt. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! hiding inside his nut sack.
    I can tell that You’ve never been to San Francisco! San Francisco has tons of culture from all over the world.
    I got to meet many people from all over. Hanged out with the most diverse group of good people, unlike you Fero. You have no class and belong to a boring lame culture of racist white nationalist bigots. Ain’t too many of you here in the border, you are one of a few reject losers.
    I said that I’ve never been to Central America, but have many friends from El Salvador and Nicaragua.
    Were are your friends from Fero? Mississippi,Alabama, West Virginia and the penitentiary where you met most of them.
    I’m from right here in Texas, born and raised in El Paso, where are you from Fero!? Oh yeah your mother gave birth to you inside the penitentiary. When she was squatting down to abort you inside the restroom stall.
    When all in a sudden there was a big splash or turd and blood inside the bloody toilet,it was smelling like the birth of a sewer rat. And that’s you Fero,the guy with the coat hanger scars face and head.
    There is absolutely nothing strong about you here in Texas Fero! Your a WIMP! and a fascist clown.
    Conservatives don’t rule me either and never will and neither will you Fero.
    Democrats will take over the US senate in 2020 like we took over congress in 2018! The best part is that Donald Trump is going to get voted out in a landslide! as is, Hillary Clinton beat him by 4 million more votes in 2016,she got the popular vote.
    Well regardless the electoral college gave Trump the the swamp he wanted! we are coming for you Fero, watch yourself at 360 degree bearing.
    Stop with your whining about that you didn’t get to meet me, you are nobody important! so there STFU!
    Yep I rule your head and your mind 24/7 and Living Rent FREE TOO inside your SECTION 8 MIND Fero
    So I see that you are infatuated with some drag queen? you must have posters of Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani in DRAG! what ever turns you on Fero.
    Since you were born inside a prison you will return back to live in a prison again. Maybe you can roommate with Donald Trump.
    And suck on his fat orange mushroom.

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