• May 25, 2022
 Open Letter to Mayor Dee Margo from the El Paso Pediatric Society

Open Letter to Mayor Dee Margo from the El Paso Pediatric Society

The El Paso Pediatric Society is extremely concerned about the upsurge for cases of COVID in our community that have led to overwhelming increase in morbidity and mortality, near-breaking point hospital bed capacity, and extreme duress for our frontline healthcare workers. Despite these adverse conditions we as medical providers have continued uninterruptedly to care for our patients.

We are compelled to ask you to implement acutely stronger containment measures, at least for the next two weeks We endorse enforcing a lockdown of non-essential services for the next two weeks, or until such time that evidence of mitigation of the spread of the disease is attained, and until measures supported by science allows us to restart progressive opening: Ro less than 1, less than 5% positive testing, less than 1 case per 10.000 people per day and less than 85% occupancy in ICU and Hospitals. We understand the economic impact of this necessary closure but we believe that there will be no economy to speak of if we lose any more lives or incapacitate our workforce.

We recommend the suspension of in-person school instruction to further contain the spread, and that all instruction remain virtual for now. We can no longer afford to endanger even more the lives of our teachers, administrators, coaches, trainers and other individuals unselfishly performing their duties within the school system.

We are also advocating that sports in all levels be suspended until proper mitigating and monitoring systems be in place. This includes the systematic and accessible testing for all susceptible individuals. As we still see large parties and gatherings such as restaurants, bars, and gyms with no respect for obvious preventive measures, we implore that you enforce strict measures to curtail these.

We do agree that a curfew from 10pm to 5am should take place except for essential needs, in order to minimize people congregating and moving around unnecessarily.

We are available and willing to offer our services in any way we can to help implement these measures. We are asking that every individual and community leader match every steadfast effort and sacrifice by our frontline healthcare workers in order to end this devastating situation.

We fervently hope that we all can set aside our differences, believe in the science and work together in solidarity to overcome this global crisis.

The El Paso Pediatric Society

Hassan Salloum M.D. PRESIDENT
Eduardo Covarrubias M.D. TREASURER
Patricia Azarcon Samonte M.D. SECRETARY

MEMBERS-AT-LARGE – Gilbert Handal M.D.  |  Maria Teresa Villanos M.D.  |  Indu Pathak M.D.

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