Paso del Norte trail at daybreak | Clip courtesy TxN

Paso del Norte Trail featured in new Texan by Nature video

The region’s new and expanding Paso del Norte Trail (PdN Trail) gets a big boost from Austin-based nonprofit founded by former First Lady Laura Bush Texan by Nature (TxN), by way of a promotional video.

In early April, TxN was in El Paso to ride and film the anticipated 68-mile Paso del Norte Trail.  The result was a video to help with trail promotional efforts.

In 2020, the trail was recognized by Texan by Nature as a 2020 “Conservation Wrangler.”

The PdN Trail is a community-driven, collaborative effort to develop a 68-mile-long trail in El Paso County that begins near Gadsden Middle School and ends at the County Line Lakes.

“The goal is to create a regionally significant landmark that promotes active transportation, preserves the history and culture of our region, highlights the Rio Grande River, supports economic development and ecotourism, provides educational and volunteer opportunities, and makes healthy living the easy choice for our unique, bi-national community,” trail stewards share.

The PdN Trail has received support from regional stakeholders, including multiple municipalities, community members, and community leaders.

Trail stewards add that outdoor recreation facilities, such as trails, not only provide safe areas for exercise, but can also provide a safe route for transportation via walking or biking.

For more information on the trail, visit pasodelnortetrail.orgFor our complete coverage of the trail, click here.