Diocese of El Paso’s Pastoral Center Community Garden Opens

Planting season is here and the gate to the Diocese of El Paso’s Pastoral Center Community Garden is now open.

Inspired by Pope Francis’ encyclical, Laudato Si, the Diocese of El Paso organized an environmental committee appropriately named Laudato Si Committee to help identify ways in which the Diocese could live out the true essence of the Pope’s encyclical.

The encyclical encourages the Church and all human beings to care for the common home with programs of sustainability, renewable energy and other eco-friendly programs.

The Diocese took its cue to create a garden accessible to its local community and to work to encourage neighbors, both near and far, to join the cause.

“We Master Gardeners love to come out to the community and teach how to garden. We are happy to help the Diocese give life to this garden. I tell everyone there is no such thing as a green thumb or black thumb. All you need to know is how to plant and what to plant that is best for the El Paso climate,” said Master Gardener, Janet Petrzelka.

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service’s Denise S. Rodriguez, County Extension Agent-Horticulture, says, “It is so great to see the Diocese venturing into the community garden arena. This garden can help promote sustainable gardening for the local neighborhood, for the Pastoral Center employees and ultimately for all the parishes and ministries in the Diocese of El Paso.”

The community garden is located at  8330 Park Haven, behind the Diocese of El Paso Pastoral Center grounds.