Pebble Hills Boulevard Extension Project to Open on Friday

The City of El Paso’s Capital Improvement Project is ready to open an important missing link in far East El Paso’s transportation network which will help motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists get where they’re going more quickly and more safely.

The Pebble Hills Boulevard extension, which stretches from Tierra Mina Drive to Zaragoza Road, will open atnoon on Friday, July 15, 2016.

Construction began in November 2015, and the project has reached substantial completion. The public should expect some lane closures for about a month. The lane closures are necessary to finish the project’s punch list items, which are minor modifications needed to ensure that the work meets contract specifications.

“When I was elected, my promise to the residents of District 5 was to connect Pebble Hills through Zaragoza and alleviate some of the congestion in other major intersections in our District. I am proud that after 5 years of working hard to secure this connection we are happy to fulfill this commitment to the constituents of District 5,” said Mayor Pro Tempore Dr. Michiel Noe, City Representative of District 5.

Noe added, “A promise is a promise, and I am proud to announce that on July 15th, we will be opening Pebble Hills Blvd. and connect it to Zaragoza Ave. This is a very much awaited thoroughfare street connection by residents, business owners and our school district. I want to thank the constituents of District 5 for their confidence and trust bestowed upon me to make this happen. “

This $2.5 million project filling in this missing link on Pebble Hills creates a continuous east-west thoroughfare running from John Hayes Street to Yarbrough Drive.

It will also give motorists an option to access Loop 375 while avoiding the intersection of Zaragoza and Montwood.

The project scope includes the installation of a new storm sewer system, sanitary and sewer lines, new striping for bicycle lanes, upgraded traffic signals at Zaragoza Road, as well as a new landscaping and ADA compliant sidewalks with illumination.

The project combines all of the components which are essential in creating a “Complete Street”. It includes the construction of a concrete roadway, the addition of buffered bike lanes, ADA compliant sidewalks, landscaping, street trees with their own irrigation system, and dark sky complaint street lighting. By providing all of these amenities, this project creates a space that is accessible to all forms of transportation including bike and pedestrians and not just vehicles.

One component of this project which is brand new to the El Paso area is the addition of green paint inside the eastbound bike lane on Pebble Hills Boulevard at the intersection of Zaragoza Road. The addition of this paint will help clearly identify the area that is designated solely for bikes at the intersection, which will help create a safe environment for automobiles and bicycles to interact.

The addition of this green paint will also be used in the near future for the “bike boxes” which will be installed as part of the Resler Boulevard Hike and Bike project.