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Pet’s Barn Offers Local Pups Some Relief During Fourth of July Fireworks

 For the second year in a row, local El Paso pet food retailer Pet’s Barn is offering its Calming Chews or affectionately known as its “Chill Chews” to its customers.  Along with a variety of chews and biscuits, Chill Chews are soft chew wafers for dogs and are made fresh in El Paso daily.

Chill Chews have been helpful to pet parents who want to enjoy Fourth of July fireworks while offering a way to calm their dogs’ stress brought by fireworks.  The holiday typically increases the number of runaway dogs.  

Chill Chews are not made with Cannabidiol or “CBD”.  They are made with chamomile and tryptophan, which are substances common in teas and turkey.

“We always want to help our local communities as much as we can.  We saw a great response last year and our customers appreciated that we were looking out for their beloved dogs.  Trying to decrease the number of runaway dogs when we have the means to is the right thing to do.  Offering the chews again this year was a no brainer and we hope to do so for years to come,” said Dean Travis, Pet’s Barn President.  

Customers can visit one of the twelve Pet’s Barn El Paso locations to find their Chill Chews.  From June 13 – July 4, customers can pick up their free sample of chews.  For those customers who are familiar with the Chill Chews they can be purchased by the cup in store or online.   Red, White and Blue biscuits can also be purchased for the holiday. 

What to know

  • Calming Chews or “Chill Chew” samples are free starting June 13th
  • Made for dogs only.  Feed as directed on the product
  • There is no CBD in the chews, the active ingredients are chamomile and tryptophan.  However, they should be given as directed
  • The samples are available while supplies last. Cups of chews may also be purchased
  • Customers can visit their local Pet’s Barn to pick up a free sample 


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