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Thursday , May 24 2018
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Photo courtesy Surroundings Studio

Photos+Story: Group Unveils Redesign, Upgrades for Murchison Park

The Friends of Murchison Park, the El Paso Community Foundation and Surroundings Studio unveiled plans for an inspiring new vision of El Paso’s popular Murchison Park on historic Scenic Drive.

“It is an iconic view, but it’s not user-friendly. It needs to be cleaned up and more accessible. It is our jewel,” said Isha Rogers, Murchison’s granddaughter, a member of Friends of Murchison Park and a member of the El Paso Community Foundation board of directors.

The Friends of Murchison Park have been working with Surroundings on a new design that will include ADA-accessible paths down to the overlook, shade trees, parking and safety improvements, and more, according to Kenneth Francis of Surroundings.

Friends of Murchison Park members include Michelle Assael, Rick Francis, Ben Gonzalez, Robert Gonzalez, Josh Hunt, James Magee, Steve Santamaria and Tania Schwartz.

Surroundings is an award-winning multi-disciplinary landscape architecture studio based in Santa Fe that works across the Southwest.

Murchison is a small overlook park on the southern tip of the Franklin Mountains. At an altitude of 4,200 feet, it offers wide, panoramic views of El Paso and Juarez. The park, which opened in 1963, is named for El Paso pioneer and businessman Samuel Macintosh Murchison.

A great interview with Robert Diaz from the El Paso County Historical Society tells more about this remarkable part of El Paso’s history. Watch it hereSEE THE VIRTUAL MODEL HERE (VR headset recommended for optimal experience.)

El Paso, TX

Isha Rogers and Steve Santamaria

Kenneth Francis, Principal
Will Iadevaia, PLA             Carly Piccarello, PM         Emily Knox, PA

SERVICES PROVIDED:    Landscape Architecture 

Gallery & Photos courtesy Surroundings Studio

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  1. Alberto, Y QUE TE IMPORTA?

    At first when I saw this photo I was sort of wondering, where is Murchison Park in El Paso? because back in the day we always called it Scenic Drive or Lovers Lane. But these renderings are awesome looking just to think that chain gangs built Scenic Drive, however the story don’t say when they are going to start working on this project. But once completed it will become another El Paso showcase jewel, as is it’s already an El Paso Icon.

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