• January 22, 2022
 Planned Parenthood celebrates Valentine’s Day with birth control trivia, free condoms at EPCC

Planned Parenthood celebrates Valentine’s Day with birth control trivia, free condoms at EPCC

Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas visited the El Paso Community College Campus Thursday, along with campuses in other areas of the state, in order to bridge the gap in birth control access with resources and information for students.

According to PPGT officials, women who face unintended pregnancy in college are 65% more likely to interrupt their college experience.

Planned Parenthood added that their mission is to “increase accessibility to reproductive healthcare for all Texans so that they can keep their life goals like college graduation on track.”

A 2018 study by the University of Texas at Austin’ Texas Policy Evaluation Project showed that far too many women on community college campuses face barriers to accessing their preferred methods of birth control.

The study also highlighted that 69% of women on community college campuses would choose more effective forms of birth control than their current methods if things like cost and access to healthcare were not factors.

Nearly 1,000 community college students considered at risk for unintended pregnancy were surveyed about their use of contraception. Researchers found:

● 9 percent used an IUD or implant
● 21 percent used a hormonal method like the pill, ring, patch or shot
● 16 percent used no method
● 54 percent used condoms or withdrawal


IUDs and implants can prevent unintended pregnancies for up to 12 years depending on the device, and are the most effective form of reversible contraception. These birth control methods are known as “set it and forget it” and “whoops free” because they don’t require daily doses or regular appointments with a healthcare provider.

Yet, only 9 percent of the students surveyed currently use an IUD or implant, and only 21% use other hormonal forms of birth control like birth control pills or the patch. 70% use the least-reliable forms of contraception, including no method at all.

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