• January 26, 2022
 PodMed TT Offers Podcast Listeners Latest Medical News

PodMed TT Offers Podcast Listeners Latest Medical News

When medical professionals want to stay in the loop on breaking medical news, there is one podcast they tune into week after week: PodMed TT.

Hosted by Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso (TTUHSC El Paso) President Richard Lange, M.D., M.B.A., and Johns Hopkins Medicine Director of Electronic News Media Elizabeth Tracey, M.S., PodMed TT covers trending research published in medical journals each week.

The long-running podcast series was originally produced by Johns Hopkins Medicine. Longtime fans were disheartened when Johns Hopkins discontinued the podcast in 2017. But thanks to support from loyal listeners, Dr. Lange and Tracey found a way to restore the program under the umbrella of TTUHSC El Paso.

“After 14 years, we weren’t ready to give it up,” Dr. Lange said. “The ability to take complex studies or complex scientific research and bring it to our listeners on a weekly basis is still very important to Elizabeth and me. So even though we changed it from Hopkins to TTUHSC El Paso, there was never any question that we were going to continue it.”

The podcasts pack as much information as possible into a short, 10-minute recording. Dr. Lange and Tracey highlight four studies each week, making sure to keep the topics fresh, Tracey said. The duo focuses on peer-reviewed research published in the world’s most respected and influential medical journals.

PodMed TT can be found on iTunes or other podcasting apps. Tracey also recaps the podcast on her weekly blog, which can be found at eptechview.ttuhsc.edu

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