• October 24, 2021
 Preservation Texas Add Duranguito Neighborhood to ‘Most Endangered Places’ List

Photo courtesy Andra Litton /KTSM

Preservation Texas Add Duranguito Neighborhood to ‘Most Endangered Places’ List

BROWNSVILLE, Texas – Preservation Texas announced the addition of the Duranguito neighborhood in downtown El Paso to its Most Endangered Places list. at the 2018 Preservation Summit in Brownsville on Tuesday evening.

The neighborhood has been at the center of an intense political and legal debate about the future of a proposed new public building that would result in the loss of Duranguito’s historically-significant architectural and archaeological resources which date back to the earliest days of settlement in the city.

Preservation Texas’s listing of Duranguito as one of the state’s most threatened historic places is intended to raise broader statewide awareness of the issues that local preservationists are facing in El Paso and build increased support for their efforts. Saving Duranguito will ensure that the architectural and cultural fabric of downtown El Paso will retain its strength and authenticity.

“In the last few years, significant private investment in the rehabilitation of El Paso’s downtown landmarks proves that historic preservation can be a major economic development strategy for El Paso,” said Preservation Texas’s executive director Evan Thompson. “Duranguito is a part of the cultural and architectural DNA of El Paso. Protection of its modest yet culturally significant historic resources is essential to preserving the city’s diverse and authentic sense of place. Selectively saving the facades of certain buildings in the neighborhood is not preservation.”

Designation of Duranguito’s historic resources on the National Register of Historic Places would make federal and state tax credits available for up to 45% of the costs rehabilitating the neighborhood’s historic buildings. Local preservation ordinances and voluntary conservation easements can provide long-term legal protection for the buildings.

“Large-scale new developments should be encouraged in areas immediately adjacent to the historic core of the city, and recent land-use planning proposals have identified sites in which a large public building could be built that would allow El Paso to have a first-class entertainment venue without requiring the demolition of Duranguito,” said Thompson.

Since 2004, over 150 sites have been named to Preservation Texas’s Most Endangered Places list, and only eight have been lost. Founded in 1985, Preservation Texas is a member-supported non-profit historic preservation education and advocacy organization based in Austin with a statewide board of  directors.

Numerous sites in El Paso have been named to the Most Endangered Places list in recent years, including the Albert Fall Mansion that was saved through the leadership of the City of El Paso.

Other sites named to the Most Endangered Places list this week are Ship-on-the-Desert, a 1940s-era house in Guadalupe Mountains National Park; the mid-19th century Neale House, perhaps the oldest frame house in Brownsville; and six threatened historic railroad depots in Central Texas.

For more information about Preservation Texas, visit their website or call 512-472-0102.

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  • More clueless out of towners meddling in our business…

  • Thank goodness, hopefully we’ll be able to save this beautiful and historic neighborhood from the dumb and useless arena.

    • What’s is so beautiful and historic about the durangito neighborhood? you probably never ventured there, since you are a FASCIST NUT JOB?
      You transient invader tightwad from another deplorable swamp, Socialism is a GOOD THING.

  • Before the November 2012 Quality of Life Bond Issue, NO ONE IN EL PASO,NO ONE IN TEXAS,NO ONE IN WASHINGTON D.C. Gave a Rat’s Ass about the Union Plaza neighborhood in downtown El Paso.
    Yes the Union Plaza area,where several houses and buildings were neglected and purposely allowed to fall apart and become dilapidated eyesores.
    The Union Plaza has been renamed Barrio Durangito in order to arouse radical dilemma from protestor’s that don’t even live in the area. Just the name Durangito makes parts of downtown El Paso look like a sleazy third world cesspool sleaze.
    And now comes Preservation Texas, never heard of this group before as they are once again interrupting into matters that are none of their business.
    Where were they before? since it involves money, they never had any intentions of fixing the place up,not even now, but don’t be fooled El Paso voters.
    Mind you that there is no significant architectural or historical value in this DUMP cesspool that is renamed Barrio Durangito,the SLEAZEBAG area! Go and take a look for yourselves, would you be willing to live there? No one in their right minds would unless you are lazy and depend on cheap rent, it’s one of the most embarrassing areas of the entire city landscape.
    Most of the people that use to reside there which was a little less than a hundred residents have already moved away.Yes these people now live in better apartments or homes that have heating and cooling amenities as they now live in a much better decent environment.
    But Preservation Texas thinks otherwise only because those fanatics don’t live in El Paso! they just want to tell El Paso what we can build and not build in our own community.
    Durangito is not about culture and has nothing to do about culture, it’s all about HUEVONADA,laziness! that is why the area was left to the vermin,roaches and freeloaders.
    So why do they call it an endangered place? perhaps to draw attention since they have way to much time on their hands and can’t mind their own business. They come from Austin,and Austin is over 500 miles away from El Paso,how can they dictate and delegate over something that El Paso voters have already unanimously approved.El Paso is our city not there’s so another delay and more waste of time and taxpayer money.
    I don’t see Evan Thompson opening up his wallet or sharing his bank account with this issue, NO! he won’t do that, he wants attention that he is doing something great for our city.
    He needs to butt out along with Preservation Texas and the Texas Historical Commission and that self proclaimed carpetbagger wherever he came from along with that rich oilman BILLIONAIRE from Houston.
    This is getting pathetically ridiculous and a total waste of taxpayer money with it’s legalities being tide up in the corrupted court system, as lawyers are standing by to pick our pockets.
    Just build the arena, and to the outsiders, STAY OUT OF EL PASO’S BUSINESS!this means you Evan Thompson. PERSONA NON GRATA!

  • The word endangered has been taken out of context, the word endangered is for endangered species,such as exotic animals.Those are the ones that need our protection from hunters and poachers and not this eyesore area in the armpit of downtown El Paso called Barrio de los HUEVONES! oh I meant to say Durangito.

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