• October 20, 2021
 President Trump Proposes Compromise to End Government Shutdown over Border Wall Standoff

President Trump Proposes Compromise to End Government Shutdown over Border Wall Standoff

In a rare Saturday afternoon address to the nation, President Donald Trump announced a possible deal to end the stalemate that’s resulted in the longest government shutdown in the country’s history.

As part of his speech, the President offered temporary and partial DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival) or Dreamer’s protection in exchange for funding for his wall.  President Trump bluntly stated, “I will fix this crisis, one way or the other.’

During the speech, President Trump referenced the ‘crisis on the border,’ noting the perilous journey migrants undertake from their home countries to the US border.  He also mention the border as being a ‘wide-open gateway’ allowing drugs and criminals into the country.

President Trump added,  “the Radical Left will never control our borders.”

According to the Washington Post, the president’s proposal offers “a reprieve on his attempts to end Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and temporary protected status (TPS) for immigrants from some Latin American and African nations.”

Via the White House website, the President’s proposal includes:

  • Administration has requested $5.7 billion for construction of approximately 234 miles of new steel barrier on the Southern Border, a $4.1 billion increase over the Senate bill.
  • To protect our communities, the Administration requested $675 million to deter and detect narcotics, weapons, and other materials crossing our borders.
  • Among the Administration’s requests for more resources are:
    • $211 million to hire 750 additional Border Patrol agents
    • $571 million for 2,000 additional ICE personnel
    • $4.2 billion for 52,000 detention beds, personnel, transportation, and detention alternatives
    • $563 million for 75 additional immigration judges and support staff

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi responded to President Trump’s proposal as a “Non-Starter” and a rehashing of previously presented ideas.

To review the President’s plan, click here.

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  • Democrats do not ever negotiate with racist fascist nazi hostage taker! such as Donald Trump! Donald Trump didn’t even mention his hostage taking of federal workers as he has no compassion or remorse for them.
    These federal workers are baring the full brunt of this ignorant white nationalist racist Donald Trump,as there is no mention of reopening the government that he admitted that he would hold full responsibility.
    What goes around comes around, and best choice is when he get’s impeached and marched off to prison.

    • I am a federal employee, you uneducated, unemployable moron. I am on furlough but still support full border security. Seek psychiatric help

      • I’m a retired federal employee and a veteran you POS BUTTBLAST Mad Mike! you are nothing but pure hate and a racist bigot white nationalist.
        You are the one that needs mental reform therapy, and my guess is that Fort Bliss can’t provide that service for you,they probably don’t allow you on base.
        You psychotic greep!
        Why don’t you go out in the desert and smoke a joint, and stop being a racist bigot or you can also go back to wherever you came from. But you probably burned your bridges there to.

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          • Where do you get these false allegations Mad Mike, I served three tours with the Navy and though I had broken service.All three tours were served on board ships, And my DD 214 says Honorable Discharge on all three DD 214’s.
            Other than that I moved to San Francisco and continue my service to the Government for another 23 years.
            So no, I can not be on furlough, and I do get my pension from the Veterans Administration. More money than you have in your pockets right now even when you do go back to work. Money to me is not an issue, I count my blessings and praise my Lord.
            You are the loser for working for low wages, you must really be that dumb, that explains why you are Mad Mike.

  • The President made a generous compromise, but I doubt that shrew Pelosi will negotiate. Once the President’s proposal is passed by the Senate and she refuses to talk at all, it is the PELOSI shutdown.

  • What’s so generous about asking for $5.7 billion from American taxpayers money, when the NAZI Donald Trump promised his basket of deplorables that Mexico would pay for the wall?
    Did he live up to his promise? NOPE! pathological liar Donald Trump’s lied to idiots that believe anything he says to them.
    Donald Trump himself in front of national tv inside the white house from a meeting with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. Said that he would hold the mantle and proudly shutdown the government,typical draft dodger coward, groper of many women and a child rapist and CON ARTIST!
    It’s Donald Trump’s SHUTDOWN! and only deplorable rejects think otherwise, Oh yea! that’s the uneducated degenerates that vote for NAZI values in America, Aka the White Nationalist!
    So much winning with team, Vladimir Putin,that the GOP lost 40 congressional seats during the midterm elections in November 2018. Actually 41 seats with one being contested in North Carolina where republicans are known to suppress the vote and confiscate voting ballots from democrat voters.
    434 congressional seats in congress when there is supposed to be 435,any guess where that missing seat comes from?

    • How does it feel to be such a foul-mouthed loser?

      • I don’t call myself Mad Mike like you do on the KVIA commenting forum,and don’t be such a hypocrite! look who you call your president.
        The biggest foul mouth Putin Loving traitor ever,besides him getting his golden showers with five Russian prostitutes.
        Same one that is holding you hostage! but you still can’t figure it out.
        Federal employee! why are you always so mad? chill out dude, live is short.

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