Priceless Heart Project launches with Priceless Heart Day on Jan. 27
Priceless Heart Project launches with Priceless Heart Day on Jan. 27

Priceless Heart Project launches with Priceless Heart Day on Jan. 27

Thursday, January 27 is Priceless Heart Day.

We ask that you wear red in honor of Clinton “Price” Stanley on what would have been his 13th birthday. In his 10 short loved-filled years, Price developed a profound empathy for those in need. He made it a priority to befriend those who needed it the most.

Price’s life was cut short by a tragic accident, but his legacy of kindness and caring can live forever through The Priceless Heart Fund. Beyond simply being a memorial fund, it is also a call to action — a call to be more like Price was in his compassion for helping those around him. Price was energetic and playful. He recognized the needs of others and was quick to offer his friendship, food, or anything else someone might need.

After Price’s death, the Stanley family created The Priceless Heart Fund in the El Paso Community Foundation. This fund supports the Priceless Heart Project, which teaches and promotes giving through Social Emotional Learning and Giving Goals; it also supports a scholarship for students with post-secondary education goals, in particular students who may be experiencing homelessness.  Philanthropy is not typically part of school curriculum. It’s not often taught at home. That is where the Priceless Heart Project can help. The Project includes social emotional learning lessons on:

P – Promote Giving.

R – Reach Out = Money and Items aren’t everything! Give your time, a note, an ear.

I – Include Everyone = Everyone at some point is “in need.”

C – Create Change = Pennies add up! Save to give.

– Empower Yourself = You are in charge! Find out the needs of your family, friends, and community …

       then GIVE!

Price had an innate drive to give, to share, to love. We are honored to be able to share his story and hopefully inspire others to give with a PRICEless heart. Live like Price, give like Price!

Wear red and donate in his memory today!

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