• December 4, 2020
 UPDATE: Winners from the Price’s “Give ‘Em Five” Sun Bowl Punt, Pass and Kick Announced

UPDATE: Winners from the Price’s “Give ‘Em Five” Sun Bowl Punt, Pass and Kick Announced

The Sun Bowl Association has verified the results and winners for the Price’s “Give ‘Em Five” Sun Bowl Punt, Pass and Kick (PP&K) presented by the City of El Paso Parks and Recreation that was conducted on Tuesday, Oct. 18 at the Sun Bowl Stadium.

The winner in each age division has a chance to participate in the Team Championship that will be held a day before the Dallas Cowboys versus Baltimore Ravens game on November 20 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Every NFL team will host a Team Championship level of the NFL PP&K. Team Championships will begin in late October and continue through mid-December.

NFL PP&K, the oldest grassroots initiative of the NFL, continues to reach children ages 6-15 and allows them to experience the fun of learning football fundamentals in an engaging and supportive non-contact environment.

“We had a great turn out this year,” said Sun Bowl Association Executive Director Bernie Olivas. “All of the kids did excellent in the competition, and they told me how much fun they had. I’m excited to see which of our participants advances to the Team Championship in Arlington, Texas.”

Ava Labrado and Beth Baumler were the two participants from last year’s Price’s “Give ‘Em Five” Sun Bowl PP&K who advanced to the Team Championship in Arlington, Texas.

There were 136 participants who came out to the 2016 Price’s “Give ‘Em Five” Sun Bowl PP&K. The winners are listed below and separated by age group.

To view the gallery from Tuesday’s competition, click HERE


Ages 6/7 – Carlos Daniel Rojas III (punt: 28’5; pass: 54’3; kick: 52’5; Total: 135’1)

Ages 8/9 – Zion Duchene (punt: 46’7, pass: 53’7; kick: 84’3; Total: 184’5)

Ages 10/11 – Adan Camacho (punt: 82’9; pass: 78’4; kick: 74’9; Total: 235’10)

Ages 12/13 – Miguel Zamora (punt: 106’8; pass: 52’7; kick: 105’2; Total: 264’5)

Ages 14/15 – Manual Almestica Jr. (punt: 109’3; pass: 114’1; kick: 131’10; Total: 355’2)



Ages 6/7 – Leilah Labrado (punt: 7’0; pass: 15’10; kick: 6’6; Total: 29’4)

Ages 8/9 – Ava Labrado (punt: 55’3; pass: 36’1; kick: 45’5; Total: 136’9)

Ages 10/11 – Aryanna Malfavon (punt: 72’11; pass: 59’3; kick: 44’10; Total: 177’0)

Ages 12/13 – Jetta Garcia (punt: 43’11; pass: 60’0; kick: 57’4; Total: 161’3)

Ages 14/15 – Beth Baumler (punt: 94’0; pass: 78’7; kick: 134’7; Total: 307’2



Boys 6/7PuntPassKickTotal
Joaquin Jimenez3’010’710’824’3
Julio Ibarra2’1114’88’926’4
Aldo Avila017’79’527’0
Ryker Johnson18’38’105’032’1
Jeremiah Gonzalez13’424’35’342’10
Anthony Alvarez1’019’423’1044’2
Christian Huerta039’412’451’8
Diego Peimbert Soto025’428’253’6
Alejandro Rascon6’020’828’455’0
Clayton Aguado21’1132’716’070’6
Juan Valentin Rodriguez24’132’515’371’9
Angel de Jesus Dominguez23’931’1116’472’0
Dionisio Fernandez23’822’637’583’7
Lajuan Bailey13’948’822’284’7
Roman Guillen35’944’229’3109’2
Roberto Flores37’039’445’6121’10
Salvador Duarte35’041’1145’2122’1
Carlos Daniel Rojas III28’554’352’5135’1
Boys 8/9
Demetrio Fernandez9’512’05’026’5
Fernando Maldonado15’118’47’1141’4
Gabriel Vaughan020’926’747’4
Otni Johnson21’221’48’1051’4
Lorenzo Guillen15’1119’819’054’7
Michael Baronyay032’925’458’1
Nathan Galvan8’728’524’1161’11
Ezekiel Bolton15’926’1023’1066’5
Patricio Peimbert Soto11’732’426’370’2
Dominik Canonizado36’431’42’1170’7
Carlos Lee Hill25’935’011’472’1
Bryan Anchondo40’5043’283’7
Sebastian Acosta32’09’043’784’7
Bryce Rystad21’228’335’384’8
Keedrin Bonner27’719’441’488’3
Juan Esteban Loman37’129’329’195’5
Mariano Fernandez35’949’211’1096’9
Alfredo Andrade2’459’939’0101’1
Joseph Daubach48’832’334’6115’5
Julio Luera31’272’417’4120’10
Ryan McFarland56’553’312’1121’9
Cesar Huerta48’050’1024’5123’3
Matthew Melendez28’343’153’9125’1
Brian Flores65’5061’5126’10
Ky-Ri Burton36’542’1047’10127’1
Abner Landeros53’1149’328’9131’11
Theodore Locklin42’557’639’4139’3
Rene Huerta53’871’1014’10140’4
Cesar Gonzalez Jr.32’653’557’4143’3
Damian Castillo72’535’538’2146’0
Josian Robles55’046’944’3146’0
Francisco Vargas32’065’752’9150’4
Jaylnn Fillmore27’570’852’5150’6
Gael Soto57’030’1163’6151’5
Josue Aguilera64’935’551’7151’9
Nathaniel Campa43’1059’049’2152’0
Ismael Carrillo52’648’1057’2158’6
Jesus Vargas44’454’071’0169’4
Xavier Ramos64’552’262’2179’9
Zion Duchene46’753’784’3184’5
Boys 10/11
Daniel Javier Reyes47’049’711’8108’3
Dustin Fillmore Jr.090’1120’3111’2
Jordan Acosta44’063’88’1115’9
Joseph Nausko19’1167’033’1120’11
Oscar Flores54’658’014’10127’4
Marcos Garcia38’640’349’4128’1
Darian Hinojos29’076’233’10139’0
Brandon Barboza42’568’035’10146’3
Diego A. Mendoza64’059’1123’2147’1
Adrian Vega48’457’943’2149’3
Peyton Cervera62’1159’939’8162’4
Diego Jimenez55’1036’671’1163’5
Yahir Vasquez42’156’065’8163’9
Abraham Fonseca59’946’765’6171’10
Mauricio Rascon60’448’765’11174’10
Kristian Salas68’256’552’8177’3
Isaiah Alba76’839’463’8179’8
Xavier Leon73’166’148’7187’9
Alejandro Jordan68’081’749’11199’6
Eugenio Fernandez63’374’564’11202’7
Richard Rodriguez75’062’865’4203’0
Caleb Herrera63’881’085’5230’1
Adan Camacho82’978’474’9235’10
Boys 12/13
Tyler Torres17’453’76’877’7
Dorian Robles21’368’227’10117’3
Cayle Beltran49’772’422’2144’1
Airick Bravo43’193’013’10149’11
Austin Rystad65’957’232’10155’9
Cullen Beltran46’960’660’5167’8
Andre Lopez55’759’561’6176’6
Carlos Rascon44’074’1078’9197’7
Jason Garcia98’578’824’3201’3
Luis Perez74’485’587’6247’3
Diego Aguilera101’951’3106’5259’5
Miguel Zamora106’852’7105’2264’5
Boys 14/15
Eric Michael Rojas72’2135’1114’6222’7
Shaun Jones92’9113’1059’9266’4
Manuel Almestica Jr.109’3114’1131’10355’2
Girls 6/7
Danielle Labrado12’39’06’027’3
Leilah Labrado7’015’106’629’4
Girls 8/9
Destiny Gonzalez019’9019’9
Victoria Jones9’019’118’036’11
Isabella Silva3’223’411’1038’4
Estrella Reta16’413’79’339’2
Marley Lopez019’423’642’10
Harlee Villalobos13’220’119’343’4
Madison Morales19’321’014’254’5
Karina Martinez17’217’120’1055’1
Cydney Davis033’329’362’6
Melinda Nunez15’526’132’073’6
Isabelle Salas21’540’1113’275’6
Brooke Von Kolb29’224’035’088’2
Zoey Burton28’328’146’5102’9
Sydney Messer43’623’136’6103’1
Ava Labrado55’336’145’5136’9
Girls 10/11
Brooke Navidomskis9’031’1019’159’11
Azyia Spores22’625’629’477’4
Christine Garcia9’229’442’781`1
Destiny Guillen19’832’034’085’8
Victoria Rivera21’1153’1010’185’10
Brandy Flores13’429’950’393’4
Aitsha Bravo46’533’425’4105’1
Samantha Ruiz44’942’917’9105’3
Anaiz Ferris31’641’933’1106’4
Alexia Vargas23’332’758’2111’0
Charlyene Mina Rojas39’060’814’9114’5
Vyeola Ogas34’453’035’9123’1
Alayna Elias33’043’152’1125’5
Kayden Anderson55’1147’532’2135’6
Hailey Daubach45’238’755’6137’3
Samantha Vaughan31’931’875’3138’8
Alyssa M. Pena40’053’572’6165’11
Nicole Zugasti52’756’564’2173’2
Aryanna Malfavon72’1159’344’10177’0
Girls 12/13
Isabelle Dominguez27’1024’028’580’3
Ashley Faith Evans39’1037’956’9134’4
Jetta Garcia43’1160’057’4161’3
Girls 14/15
Beth Baumler94’078’7134’7307’2



  • All participants must begin competition at the school level or officially sanctioned local community competition.
  • The top finisher in each of the boys’ and girls’ divisions from the five age brackets of each Local Competition will advance to the Sectional Round. The top finisher is the participant who has the highest final score for that round. Contestants who qualify for the Sectionals must compete at the location to which they are assigned. Each school or Local is notified of the location of the Sectional prior to the competition.
  • At the Sectionals, each competitor will begin anew with a score of zero. Only the top four first-place finishers in each age bracket from the boys’ and girls’ divisions from the pool of Sectional Competition champions will advance to the Team Championship. At all levels of competition, only first-place winners will be considered for advancement to the next level.
  • At the Team Championships, each of the 40 competitors begins a new with a score of zero. The top finisher within each age bracket at this level is declared that NFL team’s NFL PUNT, PASS & KICK Team Champion. The top finisher is the participant who has achieved the highest final score for that round.
  • Only the four first-place Team Champions from each of the boys’ and girls’ divisions of all NFL Team Champions are eligible for advancement to the National Finals. Their scores must be in the top four nationally in their respective age groups to qualify.
  • National Finalists are notified at the conclusion of all Team Championships at the end of December.
  • At the National Finals, each competitor begins anew with a score of zero. The top finisher within each age bracket at this level is named the NFL PUNT, PASS & KICK National Champion. The top finisher is the participant who has achieved the highest final score.


For questions or concerns on results and advancement call Sun Bowl Association Marketing Director Jay Pritchard at 915-533-4416.

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