Proper Gift Shop located at 1120 E. Yandell Drive

Proper Gift Shop to celebrate grand opening; Invites customers for Guinness World Record attempt

El Paso pride is an attitude, and now the latest take on local flavor can be purchased and proudly displayed on your person, your vehicle or in your home or office, thanks to Proper Gift Shop.

Proper Gift Shop will be celebrating its grand opening on Wednesday, September 1 at 1120 East Yandell Drive, in Central El Paso. Organizers say everyone in attendance will get a free and unique El Paso themed postcard.

Those paying customers ($3 minimum purchase) will also qualify to take part in a Guinness World Record for the most number of screen printed colors on a poster.

One dot at a time, Proper Gift Shop will record a time lapse video of thousands of El Pasoans’ contribution to this world record. All participants can be tagged on social media if they want to repost.

Once inducted to the Guinness World Records, the final poster will be donated to the El Paso Museum of Art.

Proper Gift Shop’s products come in the form of tees, shorts, stickers, candles, pins and other goodies sure to make ideal souvenirs for visitors and talking pieces among the locals.

Proper Gift Shop is derived from Proper Printshop, which has been operating in El Paso since 2010. “Our products are designed with humor, satire, and respect in mind,” said Alan Hodson, co-owner of Proper Gift Shop. “While some people might find the messages irreverent, they also pay tribute to some people who have become icons and legends in El Paso.”

Hodson is referring to merchandise honoring personalities such as the late Don Haskins, Steve Crosno, Selena and more.

For example, there are t-shirts that commemorate the fact that musician Stevie Nicks attended Loretto Academy and Kurt Russell played for the El Paso Sun Kings baseball team.

“You will find ideas and concepts here that you can’t find anywhere else,” Hodson said.

The online store, is another way for people to shop their products, and worldwide shipping is available.

What to know:

• Proper Gift Shop Grand Opening
• Wednesday, September 1, 2021
• 10:00 am to 8:00 pm
• 1120 E. Yandell Drive
• Free El Paso themed postcard (no purchase necessary)

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