El Paso Public Library
El Paso Public Library Photo courtesy City of EL Paso

Public Library Hosts Free Teentober Festival Centered on Teenagers

The City of El Paso Public Library will be hosting Teentober Fest from noon to 4 p.m. on Saturday, October 23 at the Judge Marquez Branch Library, 610 N. Yarbrough. 

“The public library is committed to providing teenagers in our community the resources, services and materials they need to explore and excel in life,” said Public Library Director Norma Martinez. “We’re excited about Teentober Fest because it provides another opportunity for teenagers to see the many options available to them by the public library.”

The free event marks the return of the Library’s signature programming that seeks to provide a safe space with recreational, cultural, and educational opportunities for teens in the El Paso area.

Festival attractions include a Lucha Libre exhibition, food trucks, eSports and gaming, life skills demonstrations, free books, activity booths, cosplay contest, chess, prizes and much more.

The event also seeks to introduce teens to community resources necessary for success in school and in life. Face coverings are strongly encouraged.

For more information on Teentober Fest, call the Library (915) 212-3217, or visit their website www.elpasolibrary.org

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