Rebuilding Together El Paso, Wells Fargo Bank team up to Complete Elderly Woman’s Home

Rebuilding Together El Paso, Inc. (RTEP) in culmination with a group of volunteers from Wells Fargo Bank will be completing the remaining non-skilled labor on the home of Martha Sandoval.

Ms. Sandoval is an elderly, low income El Paso homeowner who until recently, and similar to many maternal heads of households in the Hispanic community, provided a home to two great-grandchildren, but her home is in grave need of repairs.

Martha, a longtime community member of El Paso applied with RTEP hoping that she would find the financial assistance that she desperately lacked to make the major repairs on her home.

RTEP called her and immediately set up a visit to her home. When they arrived, they found the roof had larges leaks and the hot water Martha’s household income stems from her SSI and food stamps. She cannot afford to pay for any of the needed repairs, and that is why her home was selected to be repaired with funding provided by a grant, totaling $12,500, from Wells Fargo Bank.

RTEP would not have been able to provide the extent of the repairs needed to Martha’s home if not for the Wells Fargo Grant. On Saturday, April 30, the home will be painted by a group of volunteers from Wells Fargo Bank, and RTEP volunteers.

Wells Fargo officials say they “They actively support the revitalization and growth of the economy through community donations to nonprofits and schools, team member philanthropy and volunteerism, community development loans and investments, environmental initiatives, and other corporate citizenship initiatives”.

Officials add, “Wells Fargo, in the simple act of helping to carry out the mission of RTEP to rehabilitate the homes of low income, elderly and/or disabled homeowners in El Paso, has inspired other community members to come together to not only revitalize Martha’s home but more importantly give her a restored sense of pride and self-respect.”

Every year, on the last Saturday in April (National Rebuild Day), hundreds of El Paso volunteers donate their time and sweat labor to renovate and repair these homes making them a safe, warm/cool and dry environment allowing them to continue to live in their own home as long as their health permits. Nationally, tens of thousands of volunteers give back to their communities.

To date, Rebuilding Together El Paso, Inc. has rejuvenated and repaired over 650 homes since its beginning in 1991 averaging approximately 22 or more homes on National Rebuild Day and 10 or more additional homes throughout the year. The average cost per home is over $4,000 for skilled labor and materials.

The volunteers offset the additional costs that would be incurred by doing the non-skilled work associated with each home. With their help, RTEP can stretch its dollars to work on more homes and make a greater impact in the community.