‘Reimagining Cohen’ Plan Revealed to Community

On Wednesday evening, the City of El Paso unveiled the comprehensive master plan for the Cohen site and presented the next objectives to make the plan a reality.

The plan highlighted proposed future public and entertainment uses for the Cohen site including; hotels, retail, restaurants and bars, athletic and recreational facilities, and green spaces. It was revealed at a community meeting held at the Transmountain Campus of El Paso Community College which was attended by several hundred people.

The development of the comprehensive master plan included a public outreach phase that invited the general public to offer their thoughts on potential future uses for the site, a focus group to assess and modify a draft of the plan, and a separate focus group to validate the proposed master plan.

More than 300 residents attended the initial public meeting in October 2017 and provided more than 250 comments. Residents from the Northeast participated in the focus group meetings that followed.

Via a news release, city official stated, “This regional project will help revitalize the Cohen area, making it a destination point for visitors, residents and businesses, and a catalyst for future development in the Northeast.”

Officials added, “The development of a master plan is typically initiated and completed before a project enters the design phase to ensure the site is developed in an orderly, efficient, and cost-effective manner…the project is part of the City of El Paso’s commitment to enhance El Paso’s quality of life for residents, business and visitors.”

The site is located at 9700 Gateway Boulevard North in Northeast El Paso. Developing a comprehensive master plan is the first step in the process to evaluate the potential land uses and redevelopment alternatives for the site.

Photo gallery courtesy City of El Paso/Exigo