• April 17, 2021
 The Motoring Life: Renting Sportscars – Dodge Challenger R/T Part I

At least it’s an R/T, right?

The Motoring Life: Renting Sportscars – Dodge Challenger R/T Part I

Many people assume that a person that drives a Porsche is wealthy, and the this thought couldn’t be further from the truth. Having been a Porsche guy from age 19-37, I can find the right Porsche for anyone, in almost any budget range. But, there comes a time when any person has to make hard choices and sell their beloved sportscar to make room for family things, like a house. This is something we had to do, but running a business that deals primarily with sportscars, we still needed something to use for outings and recruitment tours.

In the past we always rented “standard” automobiles from different companies, and the Mustangs, Camaros and Challengers always caught my eye (as they stare at me from the lot) and I love the retro styling that they have taken on in recent times. The staring of these hardened American symbols of muscle eventually caused the thought to enter my head — we could rent sportscars until we get our next one, what a brilliant idea!

Previously, I always thought that renting sportscars was a bad idea due to higher cost, excessive wear and tear from previous renters and all the usual worries that come with renting any vehicle. But why not give a try and see what we have to lose, after all it couldn’t possibly be that bad. So we have a weekend tour coming up for our business — what a perfect opportunity for us to test this theory out, and I’ve really been eyeing those 2015 Mustangs especially with the new independent rear suspension.

Photo credit: Unknown
Photo credit: Nigel Atkinson

So here we go, I get a great rate of $190 for the weekend and a new 2015 Mustang lined up. Then the salesman talks me into “upgrading” to an R/T Challenger that they happen to have sitting in the lot. Not thinking it through I astoundingly and immediately agreed, and why? Because horsepower of course! More horsepower is always what we all need, and the Challenger easily had far more power than the Mustang, ringing in at 372 bhp, which without realizing at the time was only 72 more than the Mustang. What I didn’t know, was that it was a 2011 Challenger R/T, rather than a 2015 (as I had initially assumed when I was upgraded).

At least it's an R/T, right?
At least it’s an R/T, right?

Once walking into the lot, I was disappointed that it was an older model but hey, at least it’s an R/T, right? First things first, renting agencies are supposed to visually inspect the vehicle with you, prior to you driving it away, to mark any damage that you may will be held accountable for, upon return.

Oh, sweet dusty horsepower.
Oh, sweet dusty horsepower.

This isn’t very important — until you are accused of damage that already existed, but that’s another story. This particular renting agency didn’t bother assisting with a walk-around, so I did it myself and luckily found nothing wrong. If I did, I would simply write it all down, return to the office and ask them to sign off on the damage I noted, or come out and look at it for themselves (you know, do their job). Having a car that was of clean health (visually) I jumped in and fired it up — and oh what a beautiful growl it made.

End of Part I.

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