• December 1, 2021
 Rep Hurd Issues Statement on Military Strikes in Syria

Congressman Will Hurd

Rep Hurd Issues Statement on Military Strikes in Syria

In response to Thursday night’s strikes against an air base in Syria, U.S Representative Will Hurd issued the following statement:

“Bashar al-Assad showed a disregard for human life and longstanding norms against chemical weapons with his barbaric attack this week. Last night’s strikes were a limited, proportional, and retaliatory response directly to these actions.

I support the President for taking strong, decisive action, and I commend our troops for their professionalism in carrying out these strikes. The United States sent a signal to the world that the we will no longer stand idly by as Assad carries out atrocities against the Syrian people.

I continue to believe that a peaceful, prosperous Syria can only exist with a stable government in place which does not include Bashar al-Assad.

We must continue to work with our allies, partners, and the international community to achieve this goal.”

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1 Comment

  • Congressman Will Hurd might be the only republican that I do like, but just a little! what the congressman needs to understand is that there was Vladimir Putin involvement to help comrade Donald Trump.
    Donald Trump can’t sleep at night because he can’t think of anymore deflection excuses so his comrade Vladimir Putin orchestrated together with Syrian dictator Bashar al Assad to use chemical sarin gas bombs on innocent Syrian children and civilians alike.
    So by wasting US Taxpayer dollars on 60 cruise missiles that are valued at over $85 million each! the missiles did minimal damage to a desolated Syrian air base. The fighter jet hangers and the runways were the targets and can easily be repaired, but the children and civilians killed are not coming back.
    Don’t Let Donald Trump fool you congressman Hurd.
    Continue on with the ongoing FBI Trump/Russian investigation before Donald Trump starts getting US service personnel slaughtered or maimed. LET THERE BE NO MORE DEFLECTIONS OR EXCUSES! coming out of Donald J Trump!
    IMPEACHMENT is the right thing to do.

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