• December 2, 2021
 Rep. O’Rourke: ‘Refusing Refugees is Shameful’

Photo: Texas Monthly

Rep. O’Rourke: ‘Refusing Refugees is Shameful’

On Monday, via his Facebook page, Congressman Beto O’Rourke harshly criticized President Donald Trump’s Immigration Ban from several Middle Eastern countries.

In addition to his comments, O’Rourke also said he would be co-sponsoring a bill that would, if passed, prohibit the President from using religion to determine which immigrants would be allowed into the country.

Rep. O’Rourke’s complete comment is included below.

Refusing refugees is shameful. Accepting them based on their religion is unconstitutional. Banning immigrants from countries who had nothing to do with the worst terror attacks in this country’s history makes no sense. Stopping Syrians fleeing the worst slaughter and forced migration the world has seen in decades is inhumane.

And building walls between the U.S. and Mexico will humiliate one of our closest economic and security partners in the world.

All of these actions make our country less safe, not more. They make us weaker, not stronger. They ignore the best in who we are to embrace the worst.

Today I joined my colleague Grace Meng in co-sponsoring the “No Funds for Unconstitutional Executive Orders Act” which will prohibit the President from using religion to determine which refugees and immigrants are accepted into the United States.

I will continue to work with my colleagues to find ways to stop what’s un-American and offer proposals for what makes us stronger.

I will do everything in my power to reverse this slip in our national conscience and values lest it become a slide into a dark future of paranoia and tyranny.

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  • Refusing “refugees” from countries that can’t be vetted is common sense. Just another reason that my wife and I will never vote for him.

  • Even people that escape from North Korea can absolutely be vetted so why can’t any other refugees from countries most hostile towards the United States be vetted like the Muslims?
    Mad Mike and his wife RFN are deplorably White Aryan Nationalist fascist racist individuals and if your skin is not Caucasian white then you ain’t right.With all his anti bashing president Obama and Michelle because they are African American, I hate to think how he feels about everyone else.
    I wonder how he ended up relocating to El Paso,surely the US Army is not sending us their very best.

    • Surely, the U.S. Navy made the right decision, putting you out!

      • I had just finish eating lunch with the Captain of my last command ship when he himself asked me if I was gong to join ships company in relocating to Japan from Naval Station San Diego. My answer was ‘NO’! I still joined the Naval Reserve here in El Paso as they called me and asked me if I wanted to Join the weekend warriors reserve after I got out of active duty and was Honorably Discharge by the U.S. Naval Reserve in 1989.
        No body put me out Mad Mike, it’s unlike you that you are so bitter and disgustingly envious mad about everything and towards anyone that don’t share your opinions or views. You happen to be jealous and envy me because I would say that since you were in the Army,things didn’t work out for you.I have nothing against the United States Army,but you ended up here in My Home Town because of the U.S. Army therefore the U.S. Army obviously has Not Sent One of the Best to be station at Fort Bliss, private Mad Mike aka Fat piggy little Mike.Please don’t turn the El Paso Herald Post commenting into one of your other cyber bully battle grounds like you have RUINED THE KVIA COMMENTING FORUM. Nobody has to put up with you mad little piggy mike!Face it you are a White Nationalist and you don’t belong in our city.You UN American racist creep.Were not in the Deep South…

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