Photo courtesy State of Texas

Reps. González, Blanco Pass Higher Education Reforms

Tuesday, the Texas House of Representatives voted to send Senate Bill 1781, authored by Senator Royce West (D-Dallas) and sponsored by Representative Mary González (D-Clint), to the desk of Governor Greg Abbott.

This legislation seeks to address the lack of oversight of for-profit institutions, and clarify the Higher Education Coordinating Board’s rules to ensure that students enrolled in for-profit career colleges receive a high quality education.

“Since 2012, 77 campuses of for-profit institutions have closed in Texas, often with little notice to their students.  Increased oversight of for-profit institutions is necessary to ensure that career colleges are maintaining an adequate level of financial resources and institutional stability in order to effectively serve their students and prevent them from surprise closures,” said Representative González. “I’m proud to work to improve opportunities for students enrolled in higher education programs across Texas.”

Rep. González collaborated with various for-profit institutions across Texas to ensure that this bill is fair in its application, and reasonable for the institutions to comply with. Rep. César Blanco (D-El Paso) also worked with Rep. González to add an amendment to SB 1781 that would make coursework transferable for veterans participating in the College Credit for Heroes program.

“This amendment will ensure uniformity and transferability of college credits earned by veterans under the College Credit for Heroes Program. Participating universities have awarded an average of 16 hours of college credit based on the veteran’s military experience and education. That means by expanding this program, we are helping more veterans save a semester’s worth of  time and money on their college education.” Rep. Blanco said.

SB 1781 now awaits Governor Abbott’s signature before becoming law.