Research reveals the “how do I” question that Texas is dying to know

New research shows that Google processes 3.5 billion questions a day, but what do people need help with the most?

The team at CenturyLinkQuote wanted to find out which “how do I” questions people across the nation are asking the all-knowing search engine.

Through the course of their research, they learned that Texas residents can’t stop searching “How do I say I love you in Spanish?”

Researchers say they looked at the “How do I…” queries with the highest search volume in SemRush and then put them into Google Trends to uncover which “How do I…” question each state Googled the most in the past 12 months.

Now that Google has made itself the expert resource for most things, conducted some research into what people are asking the search engine how to do the most.

According to officials, as they dug in, researchers found that the most googled questions align with the whirlwind of events that have defined the past year, as well as other relevant topics of the current day such as:

  • How do I file for unemployment?
  • How do I backup my iPhone?
  • How do I buy stock?

For example, the most common query in 5 states is “How do I save enough to retire?” According to PwC’s Retirement in America report, 25% of Americans have no retirement savings, and the other 75% may not have enough.

“Americans experienced a whirlwind of events this past year and we found that the most googled questions in our report reveal how people are navigating these circumstances,” CenturyLinkQuote officials added.

View the full report here, and check out their methodology here.