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Monday , September 24 2018
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Home | News | NMSU Researchers to Receive National Water and Energy Conservation Award
Manoj Shukla, professor of Environmental soil physics, shown here with a drip irrigation system for chile, has been part of the microirrigation research team for more than 10 years. (Courtesy NMSU)

NMSU Researchers to Receive National Water and Energy Conservation Award

A western multistate research group that includes New Mexico State University will receive the 2018 National Water and Energy Conservation Award in November for their research project ‘Scaling Microirrigation Technologies to Address the Global Water Challenge.’

Steve Loring, Associate Director for the Agricultural Experiment Station System at NMSU’s College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences, will be accepting the award on behalf of the W-3128 multistate research group.

The group consists of 43 participants from 22 different universities and four federal labs.

“The microirrigation project was self-organized in 1972 under the USDA multistate project umbrella to share the science that advances the development, use and practical application of microirrigation in agriculture,” Loring said.

The focus of their research was “the wide range of interlocking water-related issues, from plant physiology to soil physics, modeling, irrigation scheduling and irrigation technology,” according to the Irrigation Association website.

In the announcement of their award, the Irrigation Association said, “The group made research directors and USDA professionals aware of the advances in and importance of irrigation technology and application as it influences so many different areas of our economy and the ability to sustainably manage our water resources.”

Manoj Shukla, a soil physics professor from NMSU’s Plant and Environmental Sciences department, is in the research group.

“The award clearly shows that research conducted by NMSU scientists is of high quality and important for the sustainable use of water in water-scarce areas,” Shukla said.

Loring is the administrative adviser of the research group.

“It gives me great pleasure to see them recognized again for their achievements. For NMSU, it means that we continue to have faculty working at a high level and cooperating on projects with practical applications and impacts for the people of New Mexico,” he said.

Other members of the group from the past include Mick O’Neill, Dan Smeal and Ted Sammis, all of the PES department.

Loring will accept the award on behalf of the group at the Irrigation Association’s 2017 Irrigation Show and Education Conference in Orlando, Florida, on Nov. 9.

Author: Ximena Tapia– NMSU

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