Retiring Radiology Professor Honored with Symposium

Back in 1964, Arvin E. Robinson, M.D., graduated from the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine. What followed was a remarkable career that spanned over 50 years. That career was on display during the 2016 Radiology Symposium, held Tuesday, February 2, as guest speakers flew in from around the world to honor the retiring Dr. Robinson.

Each invited speaker lectured on different aspects of radiology, but also held special ties to the retiring doctor. While some were Dr. Robinson’s former residents or fellows, others were colleagues he practiced with throughout his career.

To understand just how much Dr. Robinson has shaped the lives and careers of the people he has taught and mentored over the years, look no further than the prestigious names and titles of the guest speakers at the symposium: Christopher M. Arcement, M.D., pediatric neuro-radiologist at New Orleans Children’s Hospital; William M. Thompson, M.D., professor and vice chair of radiology at the University of New Mexico Medical Center; Yuji Numaguchi, M.D., Ph.D., senior consultant of radiology at St. Luke’s International Hospital in Tokyo; and William T. Kuo, M.D., associate professor and program director of vascular and interventional radiology at Stanford University Medical Center.

Dr. Kuo, who was a chief resident under Dr. Robinson in 2003, closed his lecture, “Endovascular Therapy for Acute Pulmonary Embolism” with poignant and heartfelt memories. Remembering Dr. Robinson as a “Zen master” who was always calm and humble in the most chaotic of situations, Dr. Kuo stressed the lessons that Dr. Robinson imparted, and called him “the ultimate example of servant leadership.”

The turnout for his symposium was near capacity, reflecting Dr. Robinson’s expectation for the field of radiology over the next 50 years. “There will be more advances in the field because people getting in it now are more interested in [the field], rather than just for the money,” he said.

IMG_2501Dr. Robinson will be staying in El Paso for his retirement. He doesn’t have any immediate plans, but looks forward to devoting more time to his two main hobbies: scrapbooking and needlepoint.

In honor of Dr. Robinson’s contributions to the field of radiology, the department of radiology is recording video testimonies from individuals who have had the pleasure of getting to know Dr. Robinson and would like to speak about him and his impact. Anyone, faculty or staff, or residents of the greater El Paso region are welcome to record their video testimonies.

If you are interested in providing a testimonial, please contact Dr. Nick Hardin at [email protected]. Video recording times are flexible and an email notification scheduling the recording date will be sent to those requesting to take part.