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Advanced robotic-assisted knee surgery now available at Del Sol Medical Center

Del Sol Medical Center is now offering an advanced robotic-assisted knee surgical option that allows for a more efficient and accurate knee surgery than what is possible with traditional surgery. 

Orthopedic physicians use the system to create a customized 3D digital model of a patient’s knee, without the need of a CT Scan or MRI, reducing exposure to radiation.

“We are continually committed to providing our patients with innovative medical technologies that assist in advanced surgeries with a faster, smoother recovery,” David Shimp, chief executive officer of Del Sol Medical Center, said.

“Each knee replacement surgery is unique, and this implant technology offers an individualized surgical plan for each patient. This procedure is a transformative option for El Pasoans who suffer from advanced knee pain and damage.”

With robotic-assisted surgery, the 3D system creates a customized digital model of a patient’s knee. The three-dimensional view helps finalize an implant that fits the patient’s needs and creates a detailed surgical plan for knee replacement surgery. The system also helps perform the surgery, combining advanced technologies with a surgeon’s skills and training.

A common reason for knee pain is osteoarthritis, a wear-and-tear injury to the knee, often requiring a full or partial knee replacement surgery. As the wear and tear progresses, it causes the breakdown of cartilage within the knee, making it painful to move.

Officials add that there are both surgical and nonsurgical options available, including lifestyle changes, low-impact exercises, etc.

For more information on knee replacement surgeries and procedures available, please call the patient information line at (915) 595-9200.

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