• December 2, 2021
 Roller Derby Revival Continues: All-Star Team Puts El Paso on the Map

Roller Derby Revival Continues: All-Star Team Puts El Paso on the Map

After years of fast jams, bruised knees, and hard hits, the Sun City Roller Girls (SCRG) left a huge impression on the national competition last weekend in Phoenix, ahead of the 2017 season opener.

El Paso’s only banked-track roller derby league was founded in June of 2008, and has continued to grow and develop as they approach their 10th anniversary.

Currently, the league has five home teams: Las Catrinas, Chuco Town Chulas, SeXecutioners, Las Diablas, and Las Viudas Negras.  To make the national roller derby tournament scene, the newest addition is the SCRG Travel Team, comprised of the top skaters from each of the home teams.

For their inaugural bout, the SCRG Travel Team traveled to Phoenix, Arizona and attended the Battle on the Bank (BOTB) roller derby tournament. BOTB was held from May 19-21 st and comprised of banked track leagues from all across the United States.

The SCRG travel team was the newcomer to this tournament – the underdogs – but that did not stop the’ new kids on the block’  from rolling out the hits, and leaving their hearts out on the track.

SCRG first went up against fellow Texans, the TXRD All Scar Army, who are well-known for their strategic game play and tough skaters. With a final score of 27 to 180, the victory belonged to TXRD, yet this loss only motivated SCRG to learn from their very first tournament bout experience.

SCRG’s second bout of the tournament was against a higher ranked team, Deadly Rival Roller Derby from Florida. The bout’s intensity and close score throughout was a demonstration of SCRG’s vast improvement from the day before.

With a final score of 116 to 124, the 8-point win belonged to Deadly Rival, yet SCRG demonstrated how much progress can be made from one bout to the next. With these two bouts under their belt, the SCRG Travel Team put El Paso on the roller derby map, thanks to their tough, fast-paced play.

With the tournament done, the teams now prepare for the regular season and fans now have a chance to see all the women in action. SCRG’s first double header of the season will be held on Sunday, June 25 at the El Paso County Coliseum.

First up will be the Chuco Town Chulas taking on the SeXecutioners, followed by the Las Viudas Negras against Las Diablas. For more information about the league and upcoming events, visit their facebook page.

Author/Special to the Herald-Post: Lily Cordero (aka Mazzy Scar #53)

Photos by OHBrad Jamit

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  • Not to put off this accomplishment but El Paso Roller Derby has been traveling since 2010. El Paso Herald do you research of just do what you’re paid to publish about?

    • Tara,
      Not to take anything away from your accomplishments, but SCRG is El Paso’s 1st and ONLY Banked track league. Therefore, everything in this write up is factual. As far as YOUR research and peace of mind, look into how your league came to be and where your roots lie.
      Good day, Ma’am

    • Banked Track and flat track are 2 separate aspects of the sport. The Sun City Roller Girls are a banked track league and EL Paso Roller Derby is a flat track league which play by different rule sets. Battle on the Banked Track is a recognized national tournament and hence the significance of SCRG’s participation. On behalf of SCRG thank you El Paso Herald for covering this major milestone.

  • Derby is derby. I’m very happy to see scrg branching off and putting themselves out there in the derby community. I hope one day I can skate with these amazing ladies on flat or banked.

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