San Elizario ISD reinforces communication, add programs for parents during pandemic

With the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent stay-at-home guidelines rapidly approaching the one year anniversary, communication between parents and their children’s schools has become paramount.  To that end, officials San Elizario ISD have not only reinforced those lines, but expanded them as well.

“Good communication keeps families in the community involved in their child’s education, SEISD officials state on their website. “Especially now during such a difficult time while going through a pandemic.”

Santa Garcia, the parent liaison at the Garcia Enriquez Middle School (GEMS), informs parents of all events taking place at school and the district through several means of communication.

Garcia uses Blackboard, a system that includes phone calls, text messages, e-mail messages, Facebook, and Twitter to reach parents via as many portals as possible.  Then there’s the campus Newsletter, where notices of all events taking place within the school is distributed weekly.

Above and beyond those methods, the district has parents attending monthly Family Literacy Sessions in partnership with librarian, Idania Rodarte.  Some of the activities include Virtual Bingo for Books.

“Parents love this type of activity,” Rodarte shared. “One parent said it helped relieve stress while having to stay home more during the pandemic, this activity is something they can do at home with their children to help improve vocabulary. Parents can pick up free books after the event to add to their home libraries.”

Traditional Literature was another Virtual Family Literacy Session which consisted of a read-aloud of the story, “La Llorona” (The Weeping Lady): a Hispanic American Folklore.

“Parents enjoyed the read-aloud and served as a reminder that reading with their children never gets old. Even on a road trip, it is a great way to engage everyone in reading,” officials added.

Also during this session, parents worked on a hands-on activity – something simple, yet useful – a bookmark, created with a piece of paper.

Another Virtual Family Literacy Session focused on ‘Dichos / Idioms;’ with a read-aloud of the book, “Que Cosas Dice mi Abuela?” (What is my Grandmother saying?). This story was about how people used idioms or dichos as an educational tool.

Rodarte shared that activity included great discussions about dichos like “Buenas palabras y buenos modales abren puertas principales” (Nice words and good manners open great doors.)

“Parents enjoyed this session because they could relate to it when they were younger,” she said.

Garcia added, “It is important for parents to understand the importance of reading and instill it in their children for them to be successful in their education.”