• January 27, 2022
 HOPE Statement: SB4 Threatens Border Communities

HOPE Statement: SB4 Threatens Border Communities

Today’s actions by the Texas House of Representatives to advance SB4 have injected renewed fear into local Texas communities and should serve as a wakeup call for all Americans. SB4 represents an extreme example of “Show Me Your Papers” legislation that targets migrants, families and local communities by deputizing local law enforcement to feed an immoral deportation and immigrant detention machine.

SB4 will not make Texas or the border safer. Playing politics and coercing local police to serve as immigration enforcement officers is a direct threat to the community-based policing efforts that are vital to public safety in Texas neighborhoods. Trust between local law enforcement officers and the community is critical.

unnamed (51)When the community can count on law enforcement without the fear of being detained, deported and separated from families, we are all safer. We need to support local law enforcement agencies in their efforts to ensure community safety and protect us all from violence and danger, regardless of immigration status.

We cannot allow today’s actions to tempt us to despair and inaction. In the face efforts to divide us, we must work for a greater solidarity capable of building bridges and overcoming fear.

In the face of actions to criminalize migrants and militarize our communities, we must work for a revolution of tenderness and a country where the human dignity of all, documented and undocumented, is respected and promoted.


Hope Border Institute (HBI) is an independent grassroots community organization working in the El Paso-Ciudad Juárez-Las Cruces region, that seeks to bring the perspective of Catholic social teaching to bear on the social realities unique to our region. Through a robust program of research, reflection, leadership development, advocacy and action, HBI develops and aligns the border’s community leaders engaged in the work of justice from across the Mexico-US border to deepen solidarity across borders and transform our region.

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  • Damn right SB4 Sucks the ultimate but lets face it, we live in the South and those legislatures in Austin Texas who pushed for this law are nothing but consciousless racist bigot “PIGS” starting with the paraplegic Jerk, Greg Abbott and down the chain of racist idiots.
    Also remember that the Monarch Fascist Racist Donald Trump is the one to blame for this fiasco as Gregg Abbott thinks and acts like former governor the ugly wicked racist witch, Janet Brewer from Arizona!
    It’s going to make El Paso more dangerous with more crime as the EPPD might have to start asking and profiling anyone with brown skin for the show me your papers garbage.
    But here in Texas the state continues to be one of the most suppressive states as if we were in concert with the Islamist country of Iran or Syria!

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