Downtown El Paso | Photo Courtesy CBA

Second Annual DMD Survey Results Released; Downtown’s Image Improving

The Downtown Management District (DMD) conducted their second annual downtown survey during the entire month of July 2016.

The DMD utilizes the unscientific survey to gauge the opinions of downtown property owners, business owners, employees, visitors and the general public on the present and future state of downtown, in addition to the performance of the DMD itself.

“This survey, though unscientific, is a phenomenal tool in getting honest feedback from the people that have an opinion about downtown, our performance, or just want to be heard. We appreciate the time every respondent took to take our survey and we value what they have to say,” said DMD Executive Director, Joe Gudenrath.

The ten (10) question survey made available in both English and Spanish garnered 668 total respondents – 201 of those being Spanish respondents – up from only 15 last year.

Results for the public’s perception of the state of downtown revealed a strong positive perception:

  • 89% say Downtown is Progressing in 2016 compared to 75% in 2015
  • 87% of respondents say Perception of Downtown has Improved over last 12 Months compared to 68% in 2015
  • Among Downtown Visitors, 34% came for Events and 32% came for Shopping

For the future of downtown, results in 2016 reveal that the public’s top 3 priorities shifted to a more recreational focus:

1.     Safety/Security

2.     Diverse Retail and Shopping Options

3.     Family Friendly Atmosphere and Businesses

Last year the survey showed a very positive outlook on downtown, and this year that trend continues with better results. You get a sense that the public is excited about the progress they have witnessed and are enjoying community spaces such as San Jacinto Plaza,” said Gudenrath.

The DMD works to make downtown El Paso the center of commercial, civic and cultural activity in the region, but how well are they performing in the eyes of the public and their stakeholders? According to survey results the DMD improved over last year – 80% of those respondents graded the DMD with an “A” or “B”, compared to 62% in 2015.

50-54% of respondents favored expansion in 3 areas of service:

  • Marketing and Promotions
  • Economic Development 
  • Advocacy and Planning

“The DMD thanks all who participated including our winner of the $100 gift certificate to The Garden, Briana Rodriguez,” said Gudenrath, adding, “In time we can continue to gauge positive or negative trends and act accordingly to do our part in improving downtown with the views of the public in mind.”

The survey was distributed via local media, social media, flyers, direct mail and e-mail, and the results of this survey are now available to the public.   For complete results, visit