• December 5, 2021
 Bishop Seitz: ‘We will Continue to Walk with Migrants and Refugees’

Bishop Mark Seitz | Photo courtesy Diocese of El Paso

Bishop Seitz: ‘We will Continue to Walk with Migrants and Refugees’

The Church, like Jesus, cares for people, and in a special way we care for the poor and the marginalized. We will continue to walk with migrants and refugees and raise our voices in their defense.

As we know from our experience serving those who have been crossing in recent years those who are coming are not leaving their homes purely for economic reasons; they are fleeing deadly violence and threats against them and their families.

Although some are fleeing from parts of Mexico, the majority are coming from the Northern Triangle of Central America: El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala.

As displaced refugees according to International law, which the United States helped to write, it is not illegal to enter another country when one is seeking asylum. It would not only be unChristian, it would be unAmerican to deny these refugees an opportunity to prove they qualify for protection.

Regarding the wall the Church in the United States has long held that it would be a much more efficient use of our taxpayer dollars if we would:

1) put in place a comprehensive immigration reform which addresses this country’s need for workers and

2) assist sending countries in their need for assistance to overcome the gang and drug violence that is forcing the departure of so many and creating such desperation.

We would also like to remind our immigrant brothers and sisters that we live in a democratic republic. No one person will have free reign to enforce his decisions. We will support legislative and court actions if the fundamental human rights of anyone is threatened.

To all these actions we will add our prayers that our new President will be open to these Gospel principles and that God will continue to provide for His beloved poor.

Author: Bp. Mark J. Seitz

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  • Donald Trump don’t care who you walk with or for, if you voted for him don’t complaint.Many democrats are Two face as they laugh and joke along with Trump in congress. Trump can’t be reasoned with that is why he refuses to show his tax returns.Selling his soul to the devil came at a great expense just to get away with him being Crooked con artist groper and now your Fuhrer in Chief.

    • Your comments are only slightly more sane here than KVIA, where everything is profanity, but you are still suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome!

      • Ha Ha Ha. speak for your own person Mad Mike! El Paso Herald Post has a decent moderating format unlike KVIA that allows you and all your White Neo Nationalist cyber bullies to run wild.
        I’m not suffering from anything as you keep on exaggerating in your delusional demented white supremacist racist mind.

  • Alleged refugees have the right to due process, but don’t just give them a bus ticket and hope they show up for their hearing, because they won’t. They have to be in detention until their case comes up.

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