• June 24, 2022
 Senator Rodríguez’s Statement on Call for Special Session

State Senator Jose Rodriguez | Photo courtesy Sen. Rodriguez office

Senator Rodríguez’s Statement on Call for Special Session

Austin – Senator José Rodríguez, Chairman of the Senate Democratic Caucus, released the following statement regarding today’s call by the Governor for a Special Session:

I agree with Gov. Abbott’s previous statements: We had ample time to take care of issues during the Regular Session. Instead, the commitment to important Texas priorities such as fixing the broken school finance system and ensuring affordable access to health care fell to the wayside as we frittered time debating bathrooms.

It’s a sad irony that elements of the so-called small government party have now pushed the governor to call an expensive special session at great cost to Texas taxpayers simply to bolster their political position in the next round of elections.

A special session is a waste of Texas taxpayer dollars that should have been avoided. However, in the Regular Session’s last days, the Senate refused to take action to authorize the agency that allows doctors to operate in Texas. That must be fixed, and we could do that quickly and at a minimum of expense, within days. 

Otherwise, there is no requirement the Legislature reconvene until 2019. The Legislature has accomplished its most important work, passing a budget, and wasting Texas taxpayer dollars  for an unscheduled Special Session to politicize the serious work of governance is a disservice to the public. They expect us to do our work and come home to serve in our communities, not spend their money so we can spend the summer arguing about bathrooms. 

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