• June 24, 2022
 Senator Rodríguez’s Statement on Multi-Purpose Facility Ruling

Texas State Senator Jose Rodriguez

Senator Rodríguez’s Statement on Multi-Purpose Facility Ruling

Senator José Rodríguez released the following statement Monday, in response to a ruling by an Austin judge that would allow the City of El Paso to build a multi-purpose facility it plans to build in the Duranguito neighborhood, but the facility cannot be intended for sports:

The judge has clearly told the city it cannot build a sports facility, which the city clearly had been planning. Enough is enough. Duranguito can be restored and become an asset to both residents and visitors.

How? It can be done through the development of the neighborhood itself as a cultural and performing arts facility.

In conjunction with the neighborhood’s historically important buildings, and the Mexican American Cultural Institute at the Abraham Chavez Theater, this could be a walkable, living historical community that would be an international heritage tourism attraction. The city must not allow any further destruction of this neighborhood, especially in light of the preliminary findings of the historical survey.

If the city wants to build a sports facility, it should let the public know clearly that’s its intention, and it should start that process over in an open and transparent way.

People who voted in the most recent mayoral election are eligible to sign Paso del Sur’s most recent petition in support of creating a historic district in Barrio Duranguito.

The petition can be signed at the District Office located at 100 N Ochoa St. Suite A.

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  • There is only one thing bothering me about this report. I do not know who wrote it. It is important for us as readers to know who is producing these reports because it allows us to communicate freely and express our thanks and praise these reporters. What I am seeing here is the wal-mart effect happening with smaller corporations which are trimming the fat and cutting employees in order to save money at the end.
    That is all

    • Clavo,

      This statement was written by Senator Rodriguez. When we receive statements from politicians, we do not edit the content or phrasing, we only format the paragraphs to make sure they can be read clearly on all devices. They are then placed in our ‘Opinions’ page so as not to confuse them with other written stories.

      When there is an author, their by-line is at the end of the article. If the story is written by one of our contributors, there is a by-line with a bio directly below their content.

      In our case there is no ‘trimming of fat or cutting employees’ in fact, just the opposite, we are adding staffers; we just believe that getting you – our readers – the information, without any further comment or editing is paramount these days.

      If you have any further questions, feel free to call us at 915-315-1478 and we’d be happy to answer any of your questions.

  • This is one Texas senator that needs to be voted out of office! Jose Rodriguez will not be getting my vote if some other candidate decides to run against him. He is just barely starting to realize that the Durangito was a dilapidated eyesore and he never even bother to address the issue. Now that the city wants to move forward and build the downtown multi-purpose performing arts entertainment facility, Jose Rodriguez decides to come up with his own plans. BTW! the city was very transparent about it’s intentions to give El Paso a downtown sports arena. Even though they didn’t specify where it would be located just as long as it would be built in downtown. The Durangito neighborhood area is located in downtown El Paso and is the most reasonable location to build this downtown arena. Since it consist of blight dilapidated eyesore runned down warehouses, dwellings and very few houses.
    And besides most of the people have already moved out and perhaps to better house locations, saving the Durangito makes no sense. El Paso has plenty of historical neighborhoods that are much better well kept and maintained, so by removing one small eyesore will help downtown economically grow.
    Now the city needs to razed all these eyesores before someone comes up with another dirty trick up their sleeves! And the city should also put the arena back on the ballot so that voters can vote to have sports included, appealing the judges ruling would still end up the same.
    An arena with no locker rooms or showers let alone a score board! what does this judge think? that people don’t take showers after performances, playing sports! maybe she don’t take baths or showers.
    Senator Jose Rodriguez needs to go and the sooner the better.

    • You are so wrong on so many levels….the city has never been transparent! Senator Rodriguez will akways have our vote!!! All city council members need to be replaced! !!

      • Not on all levels I am wrong, Stacey Rossi! but you do have a good point here, I was once told by a good friend that life was not meant to be fair.
        And she was right! since you mentioned that the city has never been transparent. Does the Texas Open Meeting Laws Violation back in December 2016 by the previous mayor,four city council members including some of the anti arena people ring a bell? They are being investigated by the Texas Rangers and is sure talking pretty long, they should have done what Robert Mueller just did and higher plenty of lawyers.
        And I can also back my statement about that life was never meant to be fair on a different category. Take the November 8, 2016 presidential election, for example, Hillary Clinton Won the popular vote and look what we got stuck with! SAD! We don’t need an electoral college to pick the loser! SAD!
        And You are already judging the new city council,GIVE ME A BREAK! I think you missed the boat with your transparency statement Stacey Rossi.
        As for senator Jose Rodriguez,if he really knows El Paso that good why don’t he help all the poor people that lost their homes in the recent floods in Clint Texas?

  • Senator Rodriguez has shown himself time and again to be a man of principle and courage. I am personally grateful to him for his support.

  • Senator Rodriguez has been at the forefront of the Durangito issue. He sponsored a tour of the area just after city council announced their intentions to build an “arena.”

    He was the County Attorney for over 20 years and dealt with many public issues. He is an asset to this community and he will have my vote!

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