Senior Athletes to Compete in 35th Annual Parks and Recreation 2017 Senior Games

The El Paso Parks and Recreation Department catapults the 2017 Senior Games with opening ceremonies at 9 a.m. on Saturday, February 25, at the Polly Harris Senior Center located at 650 Wallenberg Drive.

The Senior Games are for men and women who are 50 or older. The Games provide a wide variety of sports, activities and social events. Athletes can compete in individual sports such as swimming, cycling, track and field, table tennis, and team sports such as volleyball and basketball.

Each year, the Senior Games attract hundreds of athletes, along with guests and friends from around the area. The Games are created to provide recreational opportunities, encourage fitness as a life-long activity, combine sports and games with fitness, fun, and fellowship and promote the positive public image of seniors.

Interested athletes may participate in the Senior Games for $15 for two events or $45 to participate in all the events. The Senior Games last through May and are sponsored by United Healthcare and Urgent Care Home Heath Inc.

For more information on the Senior Games, visit the El Paso Parks and Recreation Department website

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