Shining a Light on El Paso Community College During Communbity College Month
Shining a Light on El Paso Community College During Communbity College Month

Shining a Light on El Paso Community College During Community College Month

The lights at One San Jacinto Plaza are shining in teal and purple, the colors of El Paso Community College (EPCC), this April to celebrate Community College Month and EPCC’s positive impact on the border region. 

 For more than 35 years, Community College month has spotlighted the important work that can only be done by these institutions of higher education. Community College month is a great opportunity to share what EPCC does every day to improve lives through access to higher education “Like community colleges across the country, El Paso Community College plays a vital role  that strengthens our region,” Dr. Keri Moe, Associate Vice President for External Relations, Communication & Development said. “Community colleges play a critical role in workforce development. EPCC also provides academic programming and skills training to prepare students to be career-ready or to transfer to four-year colleges and universities.”

The role of community colleges has become even more important as individuals try to prepare for the jobs of the future that will require some sort of degree or certificate and successfully emerge from the pandemic.  EPCC and other community colleges provide students opportunities to reskill and upskill as well as also offer additional support to students as our nation emerges from the pandemic.  Accounting, Business & Economics student Diana Lara began her academic journey in the middle of the pandemic and chose EPCC. She knew there would be challenges as she embarked on her college experience, but knew EPCC would have the support she would need to succeed. Lara says she is grateful that she chose EPCC because it provided what she needed to achieve her goals. Lara is now involved in New Student Orientation and the Student Government Association because she believes college is worth the effort and wants to help others attain success in their academic pursuits. “Education is the key to the advancement and progress of people and societies. In addition to providing knowledge, education enriches culture, spirit, values and everything that characterizes us as human beings,” Lara said.

 EPCC has been helping our region access higher education and the better paying jobs that come with a degree or certificate since 1969. That success impacts individual lives, many of whom are the first in their family to attend college, but it also benefits the whole community. From training skilled workers in key job areas, like healthcare and STEM fields, to adding to El Paso’s business base, the opportunities EPCC provides benefit everyone.


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