• April 21, 2021
 Nothing to do in El Paso…Shut Yo Mouth!

Nothing to do in El Paso…Shut Yo Mouth!

“There’s nothing to do here.” “El Paso is so boring.” “El Paso is a dark pit of nothingness.” Trust me, I’ve heard it all. To all you naysayers I say “Shut yo mouth! El Paso is not boring there are only boring people.”

Get your booty off the sofa, don’t go to the bar one weekend and you just might have a li’l extra money to go out and do/see some pretty awesome stuff here. I hardly have time to sit and relax because there is so much to do here in and surrounding our gorgeous El Paso.

If you’re doubting me as you read this then I hope you realize that life will be what you make it anywhere. You could be living in New Zealand in a treehouse eating ice cream all day and still be miserable if you CHOOSE to be. Make the most of where you’re at and what we offer.

You hungry? Want some authentic Mexican Food, Soul Food, Italian, Asian Fusion, OG Burgers, Sushi, or maybe a lil Mediterranean? Get out and take your pick of any of our local delicious eateries and food trucks. We have a huge selection to make everyone’s taste buds jump for joy. You need to get some fresh air?

Take a hike in the beautiful Franklin Mountains or go bouldering at Hueco Tanks, a rock climbing mecca in the world. People travel from all over the world just to climb at Hueco Tanks and, to think, most people who live in El Paso have never even been there.

You want to explore history and learn the tales of this land?

Take a trip down memory lane on the Mission Trail, visit the Tiqua Indian Culture Center, Check out the jail where Billy the Kid escaped, maybe hit up the annual 1st Thanksgiving Celebration that happens every year in San Elizario, or take a stroll in our beautiful downtown El Paso and gaze at all our gorgeous architecture (before they knock it all down.)

You want to take the kids out this weekend? Take them to the Chihuahuas Game, archery classes at local gun shops, Artist’s and Farmers Market on Saturdays, get lost in our corn mazes, or maybe solve a mystery within 1 hour at the Disaster Room 915, and the Punk Rock Flea Markets. No matter what you are looking for you can find it here in EP.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for then message me on my Facebook blog and I will help you find it and 95% of the time it will be local.

When in doubt ask Annie’s Adventures on Facebook. No excuses to be home bored.

Now make me proud and get out there and start enjoying our El Paso and tell them I sent ya 😉

-Annie’s Adventures




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  • Yeah after you did all that which I did back in august 2014 then i can say there is nothing in El Paso to do.

  • I think is the most misery town in the entire USA town’s sorry but everyone one is hungry here en el paso tx the people is like zombies work to home and that it why? If you considered the pay is the worst $7 something the hour this is sad well I don’t know what you mean or try to demonstrate , maybe if you have a good work or be stability economically you’re fine if not you be cry blood tears my friend.

    • It’s like that anywhere. It’s more laziness in my opinion when people say there is nothing to do here. Most of it is free or practically free so if you have $ or not you can still do fun things here. Life is what you make it no matter where you live. Trust me, I’ve moves around… a lot. I’ve seen miserable people in Austin. It’s an attitude thing. I use to be a negative EP person too and then woke up one day and said “I’m in control.” Since then, lives been fantastic and I barely have time to sit and do nothing because there is so much to do her and around EP. I’m a Perez, and we like to stretch our dollars. If I can do it so can all of you 🙂

      Follow my Facebook page to see fun and new ways to enjoy this beautiful city. At least give it a try 😉


  • There are so many things to do in El Paso. Those listed in the article are only a few compared to all the events that are occurring or upcoming. El Paso is rich in culture, art, music, entertainment, great food and most of all Great People. Our southwest landscape is beautiful with the Franklin Mountains providing beautiful scenery and great hiking trails. Those whom continue to trash talk the city are the outliers. These outliers continue to express their own personal misery and what they should really do is move forward and leave El Paso to another city that best suits their needs. So to those whom choose to stay miserable, wallow in your own misery and leave El Paso. As for me, I pride myself in calling myself a native El Pasoan. “VIVA EL PASO”

    • I love your positive outlook! You’re my kind of gal! Life is what you make it no matter where you live. There could be miserable people in Hawaii or New Zealand. It’s not the location, it’s the people who CHOOSE to be miserable. We only got one go at this life so let’s make the most of it and enjoy the ride. 🙂


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