Calico 3
Calico 3

VLog: TNTM’s Troy reviews Sigma Comics Calico #3 with H.H. German

I received the latest installment of Sigma Comics title, Calico #3. If you want to get caught up on the whole series you can watch my review of Issue #1  and Issue #2  Humans have superheroes. Animals don’t. That is they didn’t until now!

The title character, Calico, has some high powered backers in his pursuit to seek vengeance against those that have wronged animals. The first two issues gave us a high level view of the world of Calico.

Issue three takes us in closer for some more detail. They start to paint the Calico picture with more color and different brushes.

We are introduced to one of the big Kingpins on New York, who just happens to have Down Syndrome. We meet up with a gang of thieves who are all little people. There is also an ally of Calico that has had both legs amputated, but can still shred on a skateboard.

That’s a lot of diversity, but it does NOT feel forced. They feel like they belong in the story rather than a gimmick. I love how they fit seamlessly in the story. I found them so interesting, I’d love to see them get their own series after Calico finishes up with issue #8.

As careful as Calico is, he has the attention of a clandestine group. Issue #3 ends with that group making contact with Calico. We will have to wait for a future episode to see if this group’s intents align with Calico’s or if they will become an obstacle in his path for Animal Vengeance.

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