calico 6
calico 6

Sigma Comics Here Comes Calico issue 6 Kickstarter has launched

Here Comes Calico from Sigma Comics has been firing on all cylinders! Great story – yup, who doesn’t love seeing someone stand up to animal abusers? Good artwork – the visual aesthetic fits the story line and adds a little extra oomph to the overall experience. Compelling characters – there are enough interesting and relatable characters in the first five issues to launch endless spinoff stories. These aren’t your run of the mill characters either. There is a gang of little people and one of the most feared crime bosses has Down Syndrome. This series does not shy away from using characters that fall outside the spectrum of normal comic book tropes.

The hero of the story is not against using extreme violence to extract justice for animals that are being abused. Blood, gore, and brutal reality are presented in the story in such a way that it doesn’t feel forced. The violence in the story actually fits the narrative and helps define the main character, Calico. I like to describe this series as if The Boys and the SPCA had an illegitimate love child and named it Calico.

Issue 6 of 8 is launched on Kickstarter yesterday (October 26) and is already halfway to being funded. Please consider backing this project and help bring issue 6 to completion. There are lots of great support tiers and awesome perks. This is an independent title, so if you can’t find it at your local comic book store your best bet is to support this Kickstarter and get all of the first 6 issues. You won’t be disappointed.

Support Here Comes Calico #6 on Kickstarter

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