Socorro ISD Holds ‘Stand and Deliver’ Walk; 3k Staffers Visit 10k Homes

Some 3,000 Socorro Independent School District teachers, administrators and staff spent the morning visiting 10,000 student homes within the district’s borders in the first-ever Stand and Deliver Walk on held on Saturday, March 3.

The Stand and Deliver event allowed Team SISD teachers to personally visit parents to talk with them about the opportunities the district offers to ensure students are ready for success in college, careers and life.

“Today is the day that we let our entire SISD community know that we stand united in our efforts to support all of our 46,000-plus students in our district,” said SISD Superintendent Dr. José Espinoza as he kicked-off the walk event.

“We are about to embark on an unprecedented event — something that NO school district has ever attempted in the region, state or, I believe, even in the nation! We reaffirm our unrelenting commitment to educate and treat all of our students as if they are our own children!”

Via a news release, SISD officials said, “The event captures the spirit of legendary Los Angeles educator Jaime Escalante’s commitment to provide all students a high-quality, rigorous education no matter their socioeconomic status or ethnicity…Team SISD is committed to the same ideology and follows Escalante’s footsteps by having the ganas or desire to do more for students, demonstrating high expectations of all students, and putting effective systems in place to help students succeed.”

As SISD staff walked the neighborhoods, they talked one-on-one with parents and grandparents across the school district. They explained the innovative programs provided in the district and highlighted the benefits for students who start and remain in SISD schools until they graduate.

“I had a wonderful experience,” said Sarah Carrasco, an English language teacher at Socorro Middle School. “One mom in particular kept raving about the district. She was so grateful for what the district has done for her son, who is in special education. I am so glad I did this. This experience just reinforced what I feel about this district. I love working here. I have been here for 13 years and I know this is the right place. This is the right district.”

The team members returned from their walks talking about the great experiences and conversations they had with Team SISD.

“One parent we talked to has an 11-month-old. He is excited for his baby to come and see us,” said Melissa Arellano, art teacher at Col. John O. Ensor Middle School. “When we spoke to that gentleman, he was so nice and so excited about his own baby coming to us. That was great to see and great to hear. I am so proud of the wonderful things SISD offers.”

Prior to walking in the neighborhoods, the teachers and staff met at each high school in the area and at Sanchez Middle School in the Socorro area, where they started with a rally and heard inspiring words from Dr. Espinoza.

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