City Sends Delegation to ‘Sister Cities’ Mayoral Summit in Guadalajara

A delegation from El Paso comprised of City officials and business leaders is gathering in Guadalajara, Mexico, along with other cities and counties from the United States and Mexico, as part of the All Mexico – U.S. Sister Cities Mayor’s Summit that begins February 15.

“The City continues to take advantage of every opportunity to promote our community, both economically and culturally. This summit opens relationships between Guadalajara and the El Paso del Norte regional businesses, higher education institutions, and civic associations. The positive outcome here is the beginning of new development between our two cities and the world,” said City Council Representative Peter Svarzbein.

The Summit is an effort to discuss ways to advance sister city programs between the United States and Mexico and is the third of an ongoing bi-national series of Summits to reaffirm and strengthen sister city relationships in key countries.

The conference theme of Independence & Interdependence focuses on celebrating the historical ties between the United States and Mexican civic society, business, cultural and education institutions.

“The Resilient El Paso strategy is a roadmap for collaboration regionally, nationally and globally. The City is committed to cultivating local, regional and global relationships supportive of prosperity for our people and sustainability for our city,” said Nicole Ferrini, Chief Resilient Officer and Director of Community and Human Development.

Ferrini added, “The path forward is paved by global connectivity, international best practices and cutting-edge local experimentation.  As a desert-oriented, binational metroplex, we are positioned to lead the world in the practice of urban resilience.”

For more information, visit the summit’s website.  Below is a list of those in the El Paso delegation.