Socorro ISD Celebrates CNS Staff’s Accomplishments, Dedication

Socorro Independent School District had its annual Child Nutrition Services appreciation event for the 580-plus employees who work in the department.

The employees heard from SISD Superintendent Jose Espinoza, Ed.D., and Shelley Chenausky, CNS director, while enjoying some refreshments and listening to music. Both thanked the staff for their hard work and dedication to students.

“We just want to celebrate them,” Chenausky said. “They make a difference in everything they do. These guys and gals that work in our kitchens. They work so hard. We are trying to show our employees how much we care about them, appreciate their hard work and their loyalty.”

The CNS staff served more than 8.8 million meals during the 2017-2018 school year. All 46 cafeterias scored an average of 97 on their health inspection. In fact, 32 campuses were given a 100 score for having the cleanest kitchens.

The employees served early dinners to students in the free supper program, which began last school year. CNS served more than 120,000 meals during the school year in the supper program.

“They do such a great job,” said Sylvia Holguin, a CNS employee who is now a supervisor and trainer. “We always want to make our employees feel appreciated.”

Adrian Padilla, a cashier at Socorro Middle School, likes the steps the district takes to make sure they are recognized.

“It’s a pretty good deal,” Padilla said. “It’s good to see that the district takes good effort to value their employees. For us and our staff at Socorro Middle, it brings up morale because we know we are appreciated.”

To view photos of the celebration, click here.