• May 18, 2022
 Socorro ISD educators experience soldier life at Camp Bliss

Socorro ISD educators experience soldier life at Camp Bliss

Several educators and administrators from the Socorro Independent School District participated in this year’s Camp Bliss: A Day in a Soldier’s Life.

The yearly event promotes a partnership between Fort Bliss and community educators in order to provide a better support system and learning environment for military students and their families.

SISD counselors, support staff, teachers, and school administrators who attended the event were provided with valuable information on tools and resources available at Fort Bliss.

“It gives them an opportunity to not only learn the resources but also experience some of the training activities that soldiers do to prepare for deployment,” said Fort Bliss school liaison Patricia Lopez. “Today is mainly a day to experience what soldiers do on a daily basis.”

Attendees were able to participate in a combination of classroom and hands-on activities to give them a greater understanding of military culture and provide resources that will allow them to support military families during transition periods and deployment.

“If we don’t know what a military child, spouses, and the soldiers themselves are going through, then we can’t serve that child,” said Kerry Mildon, a seventh grade science teacher and track and basketball coach at John Drugan School.

Mildon, who is a military wife herself, said if educators get information on resources that are available and understand the experiences that military families go through with frequent moves and deployments, it gives schools the opportunity to provide better education and a better social and emotional support system for those families.

Camp Bliss included a panel presentation on the effects of deployments and how educators can better support military families during that transition period. The educators also participated in simulations with military weapons, judgement/nonjudgement scenarios used to train law enforcement, and driving vehicle convoys.

The services and resources provided at Fort Bliss, including programs and hotlines available for military students and their families, also were shared with the participants.

Throughout 10 years of Camp Bliss, the annual event not only has helped military students improve academically, but it has improved fulfilling their social and emotional needs as well, with more educators becoming aware, attentive and sensitive to their specific situations.

The camp took place September 27th.  Click here to view Camp Bliss event photos

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