Socorro ISD Expands Dual Credit Program Through Teacher Scholarships

A growing and strong dual credit program in Team SISD is ensuring high school students are college bound and ahead of the game. To give more students the opportunity to take dual credit courses, Team SISD continues to increase the capacity of dual credit teachers in the district through scholarship opportunities that allow educators to obtain their dual credit teaching credentials.

The district is offering another round of dual credit scholarships for Team SISD faculty members teaching students in secondary schools. Scholarship recipients will be able to start taking graduate courses in the 2017 spring academic session.

“We are proud to offer our educators professional growth programs such as this one,” said George Thomas, director of career and technical education. “These teachers will be eligible to teach dual credit courses, providing more students with dual credit opportunities.”

Team SISD expands dual credit2Since the program’s inception in 2013, some 70 teachers in the district have taken graduate courses to earn their credentials to teach dual credit courses. The dual credit scholarship covers tuition, a parking permit, and initial registration fee.

“This is the third year that we offer the scholarships,” Thomas said. “Many teachers from our first cohort of scholarship recipients have completed their coursework and the majority of them will complete it this year.”

Texas faculty, who wish to teach dual credit courses, must have a master’s degree and 18 hours of accumulated graduate courses in a content area. Scholarship recipients without a master’s degree will be approved to take 36 hours of graduate courses to earn their master’s degree, Thomas said.

Participants must maintain a 3.0 grade point average and are required to earn their dual credit teaching credentials through El PasoTeam SISD expands dual credit1 Community College.  Participants also must teach at SISD schools for at least three years once credentialed to teach dual credit.

“This program has boosted my teaching credentials as well as my self-esteem,” said Christine Hayden, a dual credit instructor at Eastlake High School. “I would highly recommend this opportunity to all teachers whose goal is a master’s degree. Dual credit is a foot in the door for students who may not feel qualified or capable of attaining a higher education and the economic significance for their family is priceless.”

Upon earning their certification, scholarship recipients can teach early college high school classes, advanced academics, and other courses that offer dual credit opportunities.

In order to take college courses while in high school, students must pass the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) exam. More than 11,500 students in Team SISD students are scheduled to take the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) exam for free this year.

To apply for the Dual Credit Scholarship Program, teachers must submit three letters of recommendation, including one from a current campus administrator, and a resume, to George Thomas, SISD’s director of guidance and counseling by email at Application and document submission deadline is Oct. 31.

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