Socorro ISD launches @SISD_Español to Connect with Spanish-Language Audience

The Socorro Independent School District has launched an extension to its Twitter page to connect with its Spanish-speaking audience.

@SISD_Español will engage Spanish-speaking stakeholders in the district through posts in Spanish that share accurate, timely information on current events, news and emergency situations.

“Social media is the fastest way to connect with our community members,” said Superintendent Dr. José Espinoza. “We pride ourselves on having open and transparent communication with our community. @SISD_Español will provide another avenue for us to connect with parents and other community members whose primary language is Spanish.”

Community members can access the district’s social media pages by searching for @SocorroISD and @SISD_Español. In addition to following SISD in English and Spanish, users are invited to follow Superintendent Dr. José Espinoza(@JEspinoza_SISD) on Twitter