Photo courtesy SISD

Socorro ISD PD keeping district, community safe during time of uncertainty

As the situation during COVID-19 pandemic changes day to day, Socorro Independent School District Police Services department is working to keep SISD safe and support the community as it adjusts to new operations.

Across the vast district, SISD Police Services has been implementing their usual security routines at all campuses, but also has been assisting staff members with the meal service at SISD schools, the issuing of laptops to students at the District Service Center, and student wellness checks.

Police Chief Jose Castorena said they are taking it one day at a time as daily interaction has changed, such as greeting students and parents.

“We are following the social distancing guidelines,” Castorena said. “Keeping six feet apart and no more handshakes.”

With the district closure, the police officers are keeping close vigilance on campuses and all facilities in Team SISD. They are ensuring the community respects the school closures and stay off fields, tracks and other facilities that are not currently open to the public. The police dispatchers are also busy with their usual 24/7 surveillance of all schools and facilities in the district.

The SISD police officers also serve a critical role in conducting wellness checks. If a teacher, counselor, principal or administrator has any concern about a student at home or if a teacher has not been able to reach a student, the officers’ assistance can be requested to visit the student’s home and ensure they are safe.

“We want the community to know that we are here to support everyone and keep all students safe even during the closure,” Castorena said.

Police Services has been integral during the meal service ensuring the process goes smoothly.

“Shout out to our SISD Police Department for ensuring our safety while breakfast and lunches are served,” wrote Robert Rojas Elementary School Assistant Principal Virginia Acevedo via Twitter.

The SISD community, especially the Child Nutrition Services department, is always grateful for Police Services’ presence.

“We appreciate you Socorro ISD Police Department for providing support to all our meal service sites,” wrote Child Nutrition Services Coordinator Agueda Reyes via Twitter.

Child Nutrition Services Director Shelley Chenausky echoed the same sentiment, thanking them for their help.

“Thank you, Sergeant Watling, for your support at Mission Ridge during meal service,” said Child Nutrition Services Director Shelley Chenausky.