• January 27, 2022
 Socorro ISD students explore careers at first-ever Job Con event

Socorro ISD students explore careers at first-ever Job Con event

The Socorro Independent School District, in partnership with Workforce Solutions Borderplex, organized a first-ever Job Con event to help sophomore students learn about education pathways, fields of study and careers.

The event provided more than 2,000 students a day of hands-on career exploration at Eastlake High School. Students were exposed to careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), business and industry, public service, arts and humanities, and multidisciplinary studies, all which are offered by Team SISD.

“Sophomore year is the last year students can change their endorsement. That is why Job Con was the perfect event for our students at this grade level,” said George Thomas, director of SISD Career and Technical Education.

“Students got to learn about target industries, high-demand careers in the area, and the skills they need to acquire the professions.”

Layla Melendez, chief operating officer for Workforce Solutions Borderplex, said Job Con is the largest interactive job fair in El Paso.

“This is our favorite and biggest event,” Melendez said. “We get to show students what employers do, how they do it, and why they do it so they can follow in their footsteps and build a strong El Paso.”

Sophomores visited more than 60 stations and networked with plenty of business representatives, who had an array of displays, samples, and creative props to make the expositions enlightening.

“This was a great way to get an idea about what we want to be when we grow up,” said Omar Erives, a student at Montwood High School. “I always thought I wanted to be an electrical engineer but at this event I really liked what El Paso Aero had to offer.”

Avery Benitez, a student at Socorro High School, also found the event to be helpful.

“I didn’t know there were these many open doors in El Paso,” she said. “Now I can see that there is a lot to choose from. My favorite presentation was on building a computer because I like working with technology.”

Presenters were happy that students recognized El Paso has a thriving career market.

“El Paso has had a stigma that there is nothing to do or that we don’t have high-paying jobs,” said Jaime Blanco, owner of Double Scope Films, a production company. “That is a misconception. There is a lot of creative work in El Paso and we feel its important to let the youth know they have these options.”

SISD and Workforce Solutions Borderplex also wanted parents of students with special needs to learn about work opportunities for their children. They were invited to an information night the day before JobCon to learn about students’ rights, social security, transition to college and workforce integration.

Team SISD and Workforce Solutions Borderplex will partner again in the spring for a second JobCon on Feb. 12 at Eastlake High School.

Job Con event photos

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