Socorro ISD Survey Results Show ‘Continued Improvements’ in School Climate

Positive responses on the 2017 Socorro ISD Campus Climate Survey increased by 15 percent from the district’s first comprehensive survey administered with students, parents, and employees just four years ago.

“Every voice counts in Socorro ISD,” said Dr. José Espinoza, SISD Superintendent of Schools. “The tremendous participation in this comprehensive survey demonstrates our community’s engagement and partnership in ensuring every student succeeds in Team SISD. This level of engagement, along with the tremendous work of our amazing faculty and staff, is what has led to the quantum improvements that have taken place in our district the last four years.”

The surveys were administered through SurveyMonkey in late-January through mid-February and were available in English and Spanish. Four individual surveys were available for parents, campus employees, elementary students (grades 3-5), and secondary students (grades 6-12). In all, nearly 39,000 individuals completed the survey.

  • Elementary Students – 8,695
  • Secondary Students – 20,014
  • Parents – 6,701
  • Campus Employees – 3,481

Overall, the survey results demonstrate Socorro ISD stakeholders’ pride in their school district and appreciation of Team SISD’s commitment in ensuring student safety, a supportive and rigorous learning environment, and high morale.

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“I am extremely proud to serve our amazing community which has taken an active role in helping us continuously move our district forward,” Espinoza added. “The data and input we receive through these surveys are invaluable in ensuring we are living up to our commitment to treat and educate all students as if they were our own children. While the responses were overwhelmingly positive and show that we truly have ‘Achieved Success as a Team’ over the last four years, we acknowledge that work still remains to be done to ensure we meet the needs of all our students, parents, and staff.”

The survey data will be used, together with qualitative data gathered through other community engagement efforts, to assess the current state of the district and adapt district and campus plans to meet the needs of Team SISD.

Individual campus leadership teams are reviewing their specific results to develop a Campus Action Plan listing strengths and areas for growth identified from the survey results as well as specific strategies on how to maintain or improve the school’s culture. The action items also will be incorporated in each school’s Campus Improvement Plan. Campus Action Plans will be posted online in June 2017.

School Safety Responses
Collectively, there was an increase of 52 percentage points in positive responses regarding school safety. Ninety-six percent of elementary students (86 percent in 2013), 90 percent of secondary students (70 percent in 2013), and 93 percent of campus employees (79 percent in 2013) responded that they feel safe at school. Ninety-two percent of parents (84 percent in 2013) responded that they believe their child feels safe in and around their school.

Student Responses
Ninety-six percent of elementary (87 percent in 2013) and 85 percent of secondary students (64 percent in 2013) believe that they attend a good school. Twenty-six percent more students answered that they believe their teachers care about them than in 2013; 97 percent of elementary (92 percent in 2013) and 83 percent of secondary students (62 percent in 2013). Ninety-seven percent of elementary and 94 percent of secondary students answered that their teachers/schools have high expectations of students, which increased by 20 percentage points combined from 2013.

Parent Responses
Ninety-one percent of parents agreed that teachers/schools have high expectations of students (83 percent in 2013); 91 percent of parents stated that they like their child’s school (83 percent in 2013); 90 percent said they are satisfied with their child’s academic progress (83 percent in 2013); and 92 percent stated that they believe their child likes his/her school (86 percent in 2013).

Eighty-nine percent of parents responded that they work as a team with teachers to educate their children (81 percent in 2013). Ninety-one percent of parents believe that their child feels like he/she belongs at their school (86 percent in 2013).

Campus Employee Responses
The number of employees that believe the climate or atmosphere at their school is positive and helps students learn increased by 18 percent (86 percent in 2017 compared with 68 percent in 2013).

Eighty-six percent of employees believe that staff members work as a team and 87 percent say their school promotes trust and collegiality (72 percent and 69 percent in 2013, respectively); and 91 percent believe that their campus administrators treat them with respect (80 percent in 2013).

View the complete 2017 Socorro ISD Climate Survey results online at