Socorro ISD Teachers Prepare for Successful new School Year

Teachers and administrators across the 47 schools in the Socorro Independent School District gathered at Eastlake High School earlier this week to kick-off the 2016-2017 school year.

Superintendent Dr. José Espinoza addressed the enthusiastic crowd of more than 2,700 educators and highlighted the many successes of Team SISD, welcomed new members to the team, and spoke about the endless opportunities the district provides its students.

2016-17 Staff return photos3“The success of our students is no accident,” said Superintendent Dr. Espinoza. “We hire the best educators and provide them the best training across the state. Let’s continue to work hard, educate, and empower our students as if they were our own children!”

Dr. Espinoza also outlined the district’s strategic directions Safe and supportive learning environment; College and career readiness;  Highly qualified and effective faculty and staff; Home, school and community partnerships; and Accountability for all.

Team SISD educators were motivated and cheered loudly as Dr. Espinoza announced the 2015-2016 STAAR and EOC results.

“For the third consecutive year, Team SISD continues to outperform the state,” Dr. Espinoza said. 2016-17 Staff return photos1

Teachers in the district said hearing how well SISD students score and the many programs and opportunities they can participate in got them even more excited for the new year.

“I have been very excited to come back to school since the Fourth of July,” said Christopher Silva, a journalism teacher at Pebble Hills High School. “I have a lab this year so I’m excited to showcase Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator and all these other programs that I thankfully have in this district that I didn’t have in another district.”

Christina Concepcion, a third-grade teacher at Helen Ball Elementary, said she has been teaching nine years and still gets butterflies at the beginning of a new year. Concepcion, who also is a parent in the district, said SISD is the district of choice for her family.

2016-17 Staff return photos2“I’m excited to go back to school,” she said. “I want students to have fun, learn and incorporate technology in the classroom. As a parent I wouldn’t pick another district for my child. The WIN Academy is amazing. I wish they had all these opportunities when I was in school.”

Mission Ridge Elementary teacher Zinnia Marrufo said she also is excited to start the new year and implement strategies she learned in trainings over the summer break.

“I’m proud to be a member of Team SISD,” Marrufo said. “SISD is the best district. We go above and beyond for our kids. They are always our main focus.”

Students return to class Monday, August 1st.

To view photos of the teacher professional development, click here.